Daily Update

“We must think big and dream even bigger” says Larry Kudlow in his National Review article, quoting President Trump’s inaugural speech.  Kudlow focuses on President Trump’s optimism, as do the people who voted for Donald J. Trump.

Heather R. Higgins opines in the Wall Street Journal(subscription required) on the Promise of President Trump

President Trump keeping his promises on Day 6. More on President Trump’s actions here.

House passes bill banning taxpayer funding for abortion!  Click here for the Roll Call vote.  Now, we must get the Senate to pass the same bill.  There is no doubt that Sen. Schumer, the new champion to the left, will do all in his power to stop the bill from being passed, but he doesn’t understand that our voices are stronger than ever.  And he (Schumer) has meet his match in Sen. Tom Cotton.  More and more individuals are becoming pro-life; here is one outstanding article by Ann McElhinney

HHS Nominee Tom Price Urges Medicaid Changes to Improve Health Care

Governor Andrew Cuomo proposes another power grab!  This is a very dangerous precedent and must be stricken from the proposed budget. 

Bob Lonsberry has another item to cut from the Govenor’s budget…and we think he is right on target. 

Cuomo defends REDCs amid criticisms and START-UP NY.  Wow, Gov. Cuomo says this in the first linked article:  “The governor went on to say that ceding control of that money would turn the REDCs into local pork barrel spending. And “a pork barrel machine” is “how local politicians get into trouble.”  I have one word for the Governor:  Percocco.  Your arrogance is blinding, Governor. 

E. J. McMahon points out the business index is faltering and has been for four months.  Register for CPPAC and learn more from E. J. McMahon as he explains the NYS Budget in terms we can all understand. 

Mayor de Blasio releases his inflated budget. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.