Daily Update

2017 is here and legislative challenges will begin as a new administration gets ready to “make America great again” in Washington, DC and here in New York the Legislature appears to be at odds with Governor Cuomo, so much so that Governor Cuomo will not be addressing the Members in Albany, rather he will deliver the State of the State on the road.  As you can note in this Kenneth Lovett article, there may be some real dissension between the two branches of government.  Both branches will have to deal with this important fact:  New York is losing its citizens and the policies that are driving them out must end!  Senator Jeffrey Klein, this is NOT how you keep New York’s working citizens here.  Governor Andrew Cuomo joined Sen. Klein in the call for free tuition which just burdens taxpayer’s while trying to buy votes.  Does anyone wonder why New Yorker’s that pay taxes are leaving in droves?

Soon to be former President Obama has been deaf to Americans these last few weeks as he was during his administration:  Obama bars future oil leasesObama throws Israel to the wolvesObama leaves a devastated democratic party; and most of all believing he could have won a third term.   Charles Krauthammer points out that Aleppo is Obama’s foreign policy legacy, certainly not one to be proud of.  Matt Mackowiak, writing in the Washington Times sees a delusional and defensive Obama that can’t accept his legacy.  On a positive note, the Heritage Foundation lets us know that his regulatory legacy can be curtailed by Congress and gives them the tool to do just that.  Another positive note is that the UN vote to throw Israel to the wolves spurs talk of defunding the world body

Kudos to US District Judge Reed O’Connor

David Keene opines on confusing Putin with the old soviet threat. 

The hypocrisy of the left is exposed, again!

With blue lives under fire, Governor Cuomo sends a message that defies logic and is outrageous, even if blue lives were not under fire.

Heather MacDonald opines on the violence in the halls, disorder in the malls. 

In case you missed it, Facebook is going to end “Fake News”, but who will control the Facebook “fact checkers?

Nicole Gelinas has some pointers for those who want to challenge Mayor de Blasio.  Have you heard how taxpayers funds were used for glitzy ad touting de Blasio

Over the holiday, Thomas Sowell wrote his Farewll column,  We will sorely miss his words of wisdom, but know that they will live forever on the internet and in people’s minds.  We wish you well, Dr. Sowell.  Enjoy every minute of your retirement!