Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio continues to push the IDNYC cards but with changes, he will no longer retain any personal or background information from ID applicants.  Shame on him!  His first obligation is to keep the people living in New York City SAFE

Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bill (on December 31) that would give counties much needed relief citing the costs of the legislation.  He said the state simply does not have the money to pay for the defense of people who cannot afford a lawyer…keeping the cost at the county level.  Governor, the county only source of income is taxpayers also, so your logic is illogical.  Yesterday, you proposed free college tuition for students in state run colleges under certain circumstances.  If the state cannot provide for the defense of indigent criminals — mandated by the courts — where do you suppose the money for college tuition will come from.  We have many questions on your latest “let’s pander for votes” scheme, for example, are they prepared for college.  Today’s NY Post editorial is right on target. 

Gov. Cuomo, you visited Judith Clark in prison, did you ever think of talking to the son of Peter Paige killed in the robbery.  You grew up with your father, Michael didn’t.  Perhaps your priorities are reversed. 

This will make your blood pressure go through the roof.  

More wasted taxpayer’s money.  Everyone should be able to have a vacation, a vacation that runs approximately $12 million a year falls in to a special category and is more than extravagant. 

Monday is the last day to be eligible for the reduced rate (the reduced rate is $119) at the Radisson Hotel, 205 Wolf Road, Albany for our 50th CPPAC.  Call 1-518-458-7264 or 1-800-333-3333 24 hours a day.  Click here for CPPAC’s registration form.  

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