Weekly Wrap-Up


The Statue of Liberty was dedicated 130 years ago this week. What an incredible day October 28, 1886 must have been here in New York! The history of this landmark is fascinating. 

What does the Statue of Liberty mean to you? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. There are several great answers to choose from – I look forward to seeing what people think.

The second Weekly Poll question is more somber, I’m afraid: What do you believe is the GREATEST threat to liberty in America right now?  And unfortunately, here too there are many options for you to consider. 

We have a President who is openly hostile to religious liberty and the rule of law. We have a left-wing presidential candidate who is corrupt to the core. As Election Day nears, voters can’t help but worry that the election outcome has been rigged, directly or indirectly, by the D.C. establishment, left-wing operatives and the mass media. And we have generations of young people being indoctrinated against freedom.

This week we were reminded that Hillary Clinton’s corruption knows no bounds. The Clintons have corrupted charity, free enterprise and our government.

This story should be a blockbuster – the quid pro quo is clear. The top expert on Clinton cronyism rightfully says that the McAuliffe revelations should throw the FBI’s investigation of Hillary out the window. (But to be clear, Hillary’s politicization of the FBI has been going on for decades.)

Meanwhile, the New York Post warns that the agony of Obamacare’s collapse has just begun. As families are devastated by socialized health care, the White House is cheering – and scolding Americans for not blindly trusting President Obama.

I am praying each day for our nation, and I’m sure you are too. In addition to that, what do you think is the BEST thing Americans can do RIGHT NOW to protect liberty? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll. 

Have a great weekend!