Daily Update

America is worth it!

Judge Andrew Napolitano wants to know what happened to the FBI.  As we noted yesterday, it is under the complete control of the Obama Administration. 

Deroy Murdock writes that Trump’s Gettysburg Address Overflows with Conservative Ideas.   The Washington Times has this to say aboutTrump’s ‘contract’; If undecideds listen to his proposals, they will like what they hear. 

We can expect more of this if Hillary takes over for Obama.  The Daily Signal has more on this troubling case.

9 types of fraudulent voters. 

Clinton cronies steered millions to foundation — and Bill’s wallet

In Desperate Push to Save Dying Obamacare, President Wants to Bail Out Insurers

Imagine that, President Obama hasn’t been telling us the truth.  Obama’s BlackBerry Offers More Proof White House Knew About Clinton’s Email

6 of Obama’s Biggest Blunders

Everyone agrees they are eager for this election to take place.  However, will it end on November 8 since there’s no Nov. 8 deadline on Clinton’s dishonesty and scandal

Project Veritas, part four: How to inject foreign money into an election, starring Bob Creamer

Why isn’t there more reporting on this?

The WSJ (subscription required) is report that NYC’s tax revenues are slumping. Are you aware of this Mr. Mayor and Governor Cuomo?

By Thursday we all need to laugh, so here is GipperTen.Com’s weekly list