Today is Primary Day, be sure to have your voice heard.  Call your local Board of Elections, to find out if there is a primary where you live. 

Hillary let a campaign operative override Secret Service protocol to avoid going to an emergency room on Sunday.  Yes, you read that right, a campaign operative was directing where Hillary went.  The Washington Times writes about the concerns many democrats have about the Clinton instinct to conceal, and Rich Lowry opines on how the Clinton’s lies vindicate the Hillary haters.

BREAKING: Employee Who Used BleachBit to Wipe Clinton’s Server Pleads the Fifth

No Show: Top Clinton Aide Who Set Up Hillary’s Private Server Refuses to Testify

Everyday Americans reject Hillary’s “basket of deplorable” label.  Here is Cal Thomas’s take on The Deplorables. 

What is going on at the Department of State?  Hillary used her influence to help the Clinton Foundation (and her family) and now the Daily Caller is reporting that John Kerry funneled millions to his daughter’s nonprofit.

Marc A. Thiessen opines in the Washington Post that Bill Clinton’s terrorism strategy led to 9/11. Hillary Clinton’s is the exact same thing.

Voter fraud is a concern, but letting the federal government oversee elections is a bigger concern.  The Daily Signal has a simple 3-step approach to defend voter ID laws.

What’s up with the NFL’s double standard on free speech?

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.

We will be back on Thursday.