Daily Update

New York Times:  Poll shows tight race for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  You know Hillary is in real trouble when the NY Times has an article on how tight the race has become.  MSNBC is frenetic with this headline:  New polls serve as a wake-up call: Trump could win presidency. CNN tries to undermine the numbers, but facts do not lie: Trump is on the upswing and Hillary’s constant lies, damage-control, comments and secrecy are taking their toll.   Yesterday’s Michael Goodwin column is a must read. 

Betsy McCaughey opines on how to break the teacher protection racket. 

File this under:  Governor Andrew Cuomo is stalling...the question is why?

Governor Cuomo:  Five years in office and Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester are among the NATIONS poorest cities.  They need jobs and a governor that makes New York business friendly by elimination the burdens on businesses instead of phony START-UP NY policies. Here is an analysis by the Empire Center on the August Jobs report

Here is a very strong reason to vote for our US Senate Candidate Wendy Long.  If Sen. Schumer can achieve his number one goal, the soul of America — everything that makes American the shinning beacon to the world — will be overruled by his progressive Supreme Court justices.  Here is Wendy Long’s statement on Sen. Schumer’s goal. 

Elliott Management founder Paul Singer on CNBC says:  Low rates, radical monetary policy have not led to sustainable growth.  Do we really want another four years of the same under a possible Hillary presidency?

Why Kerry’s Syria cease-fire is already failing.

The Daily Signal tells us about the 15 facts about US poverty the federal government hides.

Ted Cruz’s plan to stop the Obama Administration desire to relinquish control of ICANN.

Here is a bonus Thomas Sowell column

And here is yesterday’s Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams. 

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