Weekly Wrap-Up

This has been a busy week, and we have lots of news to cover.

First and foremost, we pray once again for the people of France, who find themselves in a painfully familiar spot: in the terrorists’ crosshairs

This latest attack is shocking and barbaric but not necessarily surprising, the Daily Signal notes. 

How will France and the West respond? As Amir Taheri writes in the New York Post, “President Hollande must admit that his nation, perhaps the whole democratic portion of the globe, is at war, a war over two mutually exclusive visions of the future.”

With terrorists once again flexing their muscles, what do you believe is the likelihood of another Islamic terror attack here at home in the next six months? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

I’m deeply concerned about America’s safety, and I’m interested to see what you think. 

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has made it official – he has selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. 

Some conservatives are thrilled – others are concerned

What’s your initial take on Trump’s pick – are you generally happy with Mike Pence as the Republican vice-presidential nominee? That’s the second question in our Weekly Poll. 

Some polls have the Democrats “freaked out” over their prospects for November. 

Of course Hillary’s corruption doesn’t seem to bother the Democrats at all – and there’s plenty of it. As Investor’s Business Daily notes, the FBI may have exonerated Hillary, but the public has not. 

Mayor de Blasio is proving himself so corrupt that he could be a perfect fit for a new Clinton Administration. 

And then there’s this more subtle corruption: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is backtracking on her attacks against Donald Trump – attacks that call into question her credibility as an impartial jurist. The Post says Ginsburg’s regrets don’t cut it.
In this day and age, do you believe there’s any such thing as a truly impartial, unbiased Supreme Court justice? That’s the final Poll question for this week. 

Finally, let’s not forget the damage that Divider-in-Chief Obama did to our nation with his horribly politicized speech at this week’s Dallas memorial service.

Here are five big lies in the President’s speech – and remember that Hillary’s response was just as dreadful. Both of these so-called leaders should take lessons from Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

Have a great weekend!