Daily Update

Are we back in the Sixties — Dems stage sit-in on House floor to push for gun vote.  Every person in America is outraged about the carnage in Orlando.  No one ever should have to be subjected to the depravity that took the lives of 49 people and the 53 who remain forever scared and scarred by the evil that took place in the Pulse.  The First responders must also live with the memories of those they could not save…and the utter abomination of death by someone who destroyed for the sake of destruction.  And our leaders stage a sit-in.  If a thousand gun-control laws were passed — nothing would change when one is a radical Islamic extremist.  If not a gun, then a pressure cooker — or any means possible to kill as many infidels as possible.  The call for more gun-control will not change a thing, except,  maybe make innocent American’s lives more difficult.

CAIR is celebrating their efforts to get out the vote and its large increase in voter registrations.

Why Has America Become a Fractured Republic? Yuval Levin Explains.

Shane Harris writes in The Daily Beast about The Lawyers Who Could Take Down Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The NY Post editorial board thinks Hillary’s “economy” attack is hopeless.

Governor Cuomo’s democracy in action.

Can’t we do anything without government help?  Gov. Cuomo announced a new initiative to keep pedestrians safe across the state with a $110 million pedestrian safety plan.  People, this is YOUR tax dollars. You are going to work every day to put a roof over your head,  food on your table, clothing on you and your children, maybe some entertainment and taxes to the government so they can devise a pedestrian safety plan.  When did we stop teaching our children to not run into the street, cross at the corner and look both ways — and nowadays to put the phone down when walking.  Seriously, $110 million?

Michael Goodwin has another must read column. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.