Daily Update

The Supreme Court’s 4-4 ruling leaves in place a lower court’s injunction that held the president broke immigration and procedural laws by claiming the power to grant “deferred action” to nearly half of the illegal immigrants in the country.  But President Obama tells illegal immigrants not to worry; “They will remain low priorities for enforcement,” he said. He then goes on to urge voters to punish punish those who want stricter enforcement of immigration laws.  You and I should be punished because we love our country and obey the Constitution.  Whining is such a great example, Mr. President.  Two hundred and ten days and counting. 

The Democrats end their sit-in…for now. I would hope that they read this over the 4th of July break.  Nothing they have proposed would have prevented the ISIS inspired killer from purchasing the guns he settled on.  BTW, did you know that 26 of the Congressmen participating in the sit-in — own guns.  If only they would put half as much effort into protecting AMERICA.

Here is Guy Benson’s take on the sit-in; and Judge Andrew Napolitano’s

Does he still get to serve as a super-delegate?

Major corporations:  RNC no support at convention, but Al Sharpton is okay.

“I plead the 5th” — over 125 times, even on his resume.  Judge Napoltino explains he only has immunity with the FBI, not for what he may have said in this disposition. More emails show that the State Department knew her server had problems and was probably hacked. 

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