Daily Update

The Obama Administration is totally out of control!  They have NO LEGAL RIGHT to change a transcript…what are they thinking...changing a Fox News Q&A transcript on the Iran Deal…and these are just two that we know of…how many other changes and or edits are out there?   More on the Orland transcript omissions are in this article.

BREAKING:  President Obama caves to pressure…releases full transcript

Is Governor Cuomo taking lessons from President Obama?

Saturday’s NY Post featured an op-ed piece by Paul Sperry:  Why the ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist is a myth,   Sunday’s NY Post Editorial explained how Obama’s blackout on radical Islam leads to dots going unconnected

How can we protect America when our students learn a sanitized history of what made us unique and great.

The terrorism blame game.

The Daily Signal has 7 ways to prevent another Orlando attack here.

SCOTUS rejects a chance to end the gun control debate.

E. J. McMahon delves deeper into NY’s pension problems.

Will Marco Rubio change his mind about the US Senate seat he is about to give up?

Here is some good news about our future generation.