Weekly Wrap-Up

Orlando has dominated the news this week, and it has been a stark reminder of the dangerous denial about radical Islam from President Obama and the Left

Obama has turned Sunday’s jihadist terror attack into a personal gun war

If only he were so diligent about actually fighting terrorism. America has suffered a terror attack every year under President Obama’s reign – many of them preventable. Even members of his own administration admit that his policies are failing

According to Democrats due process is no longer a constitutional right, but a “red herring” that is “killing us.”  (Keep in mind, Sen. Joe Manchin, who is leading the anti-due process brigade, describes himself as a “moderate” Democrat.)

As liberals leap at the opportunity to restrict our freedom, more people are starting to realize that Donald Trump’s warnings on immigration and terrorism make sense.  (And like many Americans, Trump is gravely concerned that more terror attacks are on the way.)

Though there have been occasional hints of responsible coverage, overall the media’s handling of the Orlando attacks has been biased and even lawless.

Orlando and its aftermath are the focus of our new Weekly Poll questions: Why do you think President Obama is so eager to change the subject to gun control?  What worries you the most about the Democrats’ plan to use terrorist watch lists to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights? And are you concerned that more terrorist attacks are on the way? 

I look forward to seeing how people respond to these questions, and encourage you to vote now. 

There has been other news this week – Obamacare continues to be a costly disaster, and job growth in New York under Andrew Cuomo continues to stagnate

Have a great weekend!