Daily Update

Business will take another hit on their bottom line with this Obama edict

Facts matter and the latest info on GMO’s is that they are safe

The Real Cost of Academic Discrimination against Conservatives.

The 2nd Amendment had an unlikely friend this week

Larry Kudlow sounds off on the latest Facebook controversy. 

Betsy McCaughey opines in the Investor’s Business Daily how the Clinton’s cashed in.

Just what New Yorkers need; another task force

Here is another example of government by fiat.  When you can’t get it passed the legislature, just have an agency make a rule.

Here is another example of what happens when the camel’s nose gets inside the tent.  The left always manages to get the camel’s nose in (the press helps most of the time).  Yet when the right wants to make small changes in a variety of subjects they are always blocked because small changes on the right means the nose isn’t inside the tent, the whole body is.  There is no medicine in marihuana.

The Tax Cap worked again.

Michael Goodwin scores again.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams