Daily Update

Do you know who Lynne Patton is?  Ms. Patton is a powerful voice for Donald J. Trump.  Listen and watch this video; listen especially to her emotion as she talks about “The Donald”, the one rarely seen and hardly known.

The NY Post thinks “The Donald” is making an effort to unify the Republican Party with his short list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

Bill Hammond explains what is behind NY Health plan hikes

The Buffalo News editorial board has some concerns about the growing influence of the Teacher’s Union on school board elections, as well they should. 

Mayor de Blasio will produce proof to prove he has always acted in the public interest.  If you always act in the public interest, shouldn’t you know what your aides know?  Of course, the NY Post editorial board has its opinion regarding the mess.


Here is more on the new overtime rules and how it force small businesses to make hard choices.

Is this another Y2K problem or truly a serious problem.  We are so dependent on computers running on electricity, I do believe it falls into the potentially serious problem

Are “request for proposal” aka, RFP,  predetermined to help certain companies?  This article certainly makes it look that way.  But don’t worry, if it happened as stated, Gov. Cuomo has it under control.   “If we find out that someone did something wrong, I will be the first to throw the book at them, because public trust is crucially important to me,” Cuomo told reporters after an event in Rochester.  If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

Thursday’s with some Giperten humor.