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Daily Update

The NYS Budget is the main topic of conversation in Albany these days and the conversation is all over the place.  Gov. Cuomo says marijuana legalization is unlikely to be in the budget , while Sen. Liz Krueger, Chair of the Sen. Finance Committee and the sponsor of the Senate measure to legalize the substance still classified as Schedule 1 drug – drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse – says  “I don’t know why he said that…up until now he’s made clear he wants to negotiate marijuana in the budget.”  Sen. Krueger, perhaps the pushback from sheriffs, district attorneys and parent-teacher associations is making it clearer that collecting tax dollars, should marijuana be legalized, may not be the panacea elected officials want, in fact, it is most likely a modern day Pandora’s Box filled with unforeseen problems equal to those Zeus knew Pandora would unleash when she opened the wedding gift Hephaistos sent to her and Epimetheus.  Do we really want to test the fictional Pandora’s Box when we know the consequences of Schedule 1 drugs?

Some democrats miss blaming the Senate Republicans for not getting their agenda accomplished. 

Michael Goodwin wants to know if the Democrats have finally gone too far?

If it is up to the progressive democratic portion of what was once President Kennedy’s party, they would allow sex change at age 9, voting at age 16 and one could not smoke a legal substance until they turned 21. 

The US House, controlled by Democrats, is out of control – why are they trying so hard to change the greatest country in the world? 

It isn’t easy to escape from New York the nation’s highest-taxed state; tax collectors chase rich New Yorkers moving to low-tax states. Auditors inspect cell records, even your dog’s vet bills. 

Mayor de Blasio, really?  We think you have had too much Kool-Aid to drink. 

Fox and Friends had a great interview with Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace, this morning.  Hint:  The Green New Deal is a silly plan!  The climate crisis is fake science, says Patrick Moore.  Watch it here. 

Charles Hurt has this to say about the Climate Change hysteria.

Speaker Pelosi is showing the strain of being Speaker…one day she stands with radical socialists Ilhan Omar; the next day Speaker Pelosi is questioning how to pay for Medicaid for all .  The Twilight Zone world of Washington, D. C. never ceases to amaze me.