Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 6/7/24


One eighty-degree reversals by politicians often tell more of the story then the officials or candidate wants to admit. Albeit that is what happened on the week of June 3rd for President Biden and Governor Hochul.

Biden splashed what his administration described as a new approach to the illegal alien issue, all over the media last Monday. After allowing literally millions of illegals into the United States, either as asylum seekers or through porous border policies, the universal rejection by the American people became a very real November issue.

Suddenly, all the Biden/Hochul inaccurate criticism of Republicans evaporated with a Biden Executive Order, which Biden apparently had the authority to issue three years ago.  Rather than issuing the order, the Biden Administration took the view that everything Trump did was bad, no matter how good it had been in protecting our national security.

Biden and the Democrats will appropriately continue to receive the blame for this illegal alien crisis which has affected our security and economy. Americans have lost their trust in Biden, with Hochul doing herself no service in standing next to him during his announcement. In fact, none of her policies on this issue have been remotely helpful to her or any New Yorkers.

It should be noted that under the Biden proposal over 900,000 asylum seekers will be allowed in the U.S. annually and hundreds of thousands of older cases that would normally be adjudicated by a federal hearing officer will disappear.

Nothing will change at illegal border crossings because Biden will not devote the resources necessary to secure them.

“Remain in Mexico” or for that matter, any foreign entity for asylum seekers, was a key element of the Trump border policy.  And of course, building a wall and having the necessary number of border patrol agents was the other key  in what most felt was a solid policy.

 Congestion Pricing

Once again, Biden and Hochul share a spotlight on an incredibly unpopular policy to toll entry into most of Manhattan by vehicles. For those not familiar with Manhattan, that is 900,000 vehicles per day.

Biden stopped his EPA from doing the necessary environmental reviews prior to the program moving forward in New York. Hochul, who was 150% for it until one day she was completely against it, acted as though she was a hostage to the anti-business, anti-car, selective polluting green lobby. 

Clearly reading polls that showed in the MTA catch basin, an area of more than 13 million New Yorkers, congestion pricing was going to be a daily reminder of why progressive Democrats needed to be defeated at every level.

The many lawsuits waiting to be heard, heavily engaged Republican and Conservative Parties, a solid block of local GOP/Conservative elected officials, including Congress members Mike Lawler, Anthony D’esposito, Nicole Malliotakis, several common-sense Democrats and the entire government of the State of New Jersey made the congestion pricing cause even less tenable.

And then there was former President Trump, intimately familiar with NYC, his longtime home, stating that when elected he would put an end to congestion pricing. Congressional Democratic Leaders of Brooklyn and Governor Hochul did not need to hear more to know that this would be an issue that would hurt Democrats in November. You can read our full press release here and Trumps Truth Social message calling out the congestion pricing money grab here.

We all need to be wary. Hochul is untrustworthy and could bring the policy back if we have a less than a fruitful November.  We need to re-elect President Trump, keep the House controlled by conservatives, and win seats in the State Legislature.

Once again elections have consequences.

Spring Reception

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