Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 5/10/24


Since 1921, in response to the communist celebration of May Day on May 1st the federal government has recognized May 1st in the United States as Loyalty Day. Every year each individual state does their own resolution memorializing Loyalty Day in their state. This had been the standard in New York until now. 

When Conservative/Republican Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo of Staten Island attempted to move the resolution which he authored a few weeks back, he was informed that the Democratically controlled Assembly would not put the resolution up for a vote because it made some of the Majority uncomfortable.  I guess I am not surprised, but very disappointed that we got to this point. This resolution is just what Albany and New Yorkers need in the current climate; a day dedicated to our country, its roots, and the heroes protecting us. This should not be a partisan resolution, but Democrats don’t want to vote for something they don’t believe in, nor do they want to rile up their anti-American base before November. 

This reminds me of a battle twenty years ago in Albany to cause the Assembly to say the Pledge of Allegiance before every session day.  The Democratic leadership opposed such an action on similar grounds.  Eventually under enormous public pressure the Assembly Democratic Leadership allowed each session to begin with the Pledge. 

Sam’s resolution can be found here. Take a read and see if you come to the same conclusion I did, that there is absolutely no good reason for stopping its passage. 


A team with the help of the GOP, Conservative Party, and many others who played an active role won a big one in the State Supreme Court when Proposition One, the misnamed “Equal Rights Amendment” to the NYS Constitution, was removed from the ballot. 

The Legislature simply ignored the constitutional requirements necessary for passing it onto the ballot. Ironic or arrogant, you decide, but the bottom line is that the amendment, which was mostly about gender identity and abolishing many parental rights over minors, will not be on the November ballot.  Of course, the supporters are appealing with the Court of Appeals becoming a wild card in proceedings due to the antics of the Chief Judge. The law however is clear – it was not followed.  It will be interesting to see if Chief Judge Rowan Wilson, who dissented in a decision that an Elephant named Happy was not a “person,” can come up with a novel argument to get around the law. 

You can read our full press release on the ERA here

NYS Federation of Republican Women

This past weekend, and into Monday night, the New York State Federation of Republican Women held their 105th Annual Gala and Conference in the heart of Albany. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge, and thank Trish Turner, President of NYSFRW, for putting on an amazing event. With over 300 people in attendance, it was a resounding success. I was also glad to see many members of the Conservative Party show their support. Dutchess County Chairman Don Minichino, Livingston County Chairman Jason McGuire, Wayne County Chairman Mike Garlock, and our Director of Operations Andrew Davis were all in attendance. I had the pleasure of being one of the speakers, along with many other notable speakers and political activists. The keynote speaker, Riley Gaines, delivered a profoundly impactful speech on her experience and her mission to defend women’s rights in sports. I thought I knew a lot about her story from the news, but I was blown away with how much I learned in just a short period of time. She discussed her story competing against Lia Thomas (Aka Will Thomas), her teammates’ uncomfortable experience in the locker room with a man, Title IX, the Equal Rights Amendment, and much more. She truly was a phenomenal speaker, and we look forward to welcoming her back to New York soon!