Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 5/3/24


New York State and New York City are taking no more militancy under the guise of legitimate protest from groups that are tied to radical organizations. The pro-Palestinian campus takeovers at Columbia, NYU and City College received a quick and decisive intervention from the NYPD. 

All too many of the violent protests are populated by individuals who, when questioned, show that they have no idea of what or why they have invaded campus space. Antisemitism might not be every protestor’s intent, but it certainly is the result of causing Jewish students, or those who support them, to feel unsafe and even unaccepted at their school. 

The removal of the American flag with the Palestinian flag being raised before the NYPD removed it and once again raising the American flag was symbolic to our nation that these protests are as much anti-American as they are antisemitic.

I applaud the NYPD and issued a statement that summarizes the Party’s view. You can view the press release here.


Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, together with Democratic Congressman Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, have introduced legislation that would prevent the congestion pricing plan from being implemented by prohibiting crucial federal money from being used to fund the start-up in June.  Congressman Mike Lawler has also signed onto the legislation which is supported by all of the ten Conservative Party endorsed members of Congress.

Congestion pricing is slated by the MTA to go into effect in late June.  It is immensely unpopular with the average New Yorker and will certainly have a negative impact on the Manhattan economy, in addition to it being effectively another tax on the driving public. The arguments against congestion pricing go well beyond the obvious and include increased pollution and traffic in the boroughs, and decreased quality of life in lower-income areas, especially in the Bronx and North Shore of Staten Island.

The MTA’s record on mostly everything it comes into contact with is disappointing to say the least. They are constantly looking for revenue, yet allow hundreds of million in fares to be evaded each year. The MTA leadership holds hearings in which they ignore public comment in order to effectuate a foregone conclusion. Throwing more money into the MTA will not fix the overall problem, and taxing people out of the City does not seem to be working.  

In addition to the Malliotakis legislation, the Nassau County Town of Hempstead has just filed a lawsuit which joins other legal actions including Staten Island elected officials, several labor organizations, and Borough President Fossella.

A sure fire way to stop congestion pricing, even if it has gone into effect, is to elect Donald Trump President this November. Trump, always a New Yorker regardless of how badly the State and City treat him, has been clear in his opposition. As President I am confident that he will unravel this ill-conceived effort through his power over the purse strings and control of oversight agencies that have failed to fully review the environment impact under instructions from the Biden Administration.


Patriots Podium episode #23 featuring Greg Garvey, the Executive Director of The Coalition to Protect Kids NY is available now! Recently, we have been sending out a lot of information regarding the ill-conceived and so-called  “Equal Rights Amendment” that will appear on the ballot this November. The misguided amendment is really about giving minors, as young as the age of eleven, the ability to decide their gender identity and even the possibility of medically transitioning without their parents consent or knowledge. Parents know what is best for their kids, not the government. Although the name sounds appealing, the Conservative Party is a NO vote on this amendment. This is yet another resource for you to learn, and spread information about this amendment that may not be known to all voters. I encourage you to give it a listen to fully understand the scope of the issue. You can learn more about the coalition and how you can help on their website here. Watch the full show on any of the links below! 

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