Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 4/26/24

Campus Takeovers

The Conservative Party strongly supports the right to protest, but what’s happening at Columbia, NYU, and on other college campuses is beyond the pale. These are not peaceful protests; they’re criminal takeovers of property that are disrupting the academic life of thousands. They’re also clearly orchestrated to intimidate Jewish students.

Threatening groups of Americans and seizing property is anarchy, not protest, and it must come with a penalty. This unbridled wokeism — egged on by irresponsible, leftist professors — cannot be tolerated. Not only do we need to clear the campuses as soon as possible, but in addition, the college must expel and hold the agitators accountable. If they are not American citizens, they should have their student visas rescinded. From an outside perspective, it seems the agitators are winning. Students who just want to go to class and learn are unable due to intimidation, distraction, noise, blocked off parts of campus, threats, and much more. For example, Columbia gave in to the protesters by canceling in person classes for the rest of the year, while allowing pro-Hamas supporters to continue to spew the most vile forms of antisemitism we have seen since the Holocaust. Other colleges are also following suit, while some others decided to  cancel graduation ceremonies due to “safety concerns.” It’s important to acknowledge that some of these students will never get a real graduation, or education experience, while forking up 70,000 dollars a year. First it was COVID, and now it is antisemitic protesters disrupting the learning environment and other students’ academic endeavors. It is truly sad that we got to this point, and still no action from University Presidents, Governor Hochul, or President Biden. The lack of leadership is devastating. 

So Called “Equal Rights Amendment”

  As you may know, on the November Ballot you will find a proposed constitutional amendment that the left wing is describing as an “Equal Rights  Amendment.” It is anything but that and, if adopted, will negatively impact parental rights and constitutionally protect the 2019 Reproductive Health Act, which essentially allows abortions to term in New York State.

It even creates new rights in the area of gender identity and gender expression covering all persons including minor children. Below you will find attached an outline prepared by Greg Garvey, the Executive Director of Protect Kids New York. In addition to being an outline of the issue it gives you a punch list of what you can do. Be assured that the Conservative Party will be actively opposing the passage of this ill-conceived amendment.

Click here to find out everything you need to know about the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment.” In addition, you can also click this YouTube link for a short explainer video on the ERA. Please do your best to share and spread the message for this November!

Trump in NYC

Yesterday, President Trump was in NYC to show his support for New York construction workers at the new JP Morgan Chase construction site in Midtown, Manhattan. There were upwards of a thousand supporters and workers eager to see the former President at 6 am! The Conservative Party was pleased to send several members of our party including Queens, Kings, and Bronx County committeemen. Thank you to all who came out to support our Presidential candidate for 2024. 

I don’t think the Democrats expected what is occurring; the witch hunt has only proved to backfire. It’s quite astonishing, a former President unable to campaign across the country due to constant partisan court battles in NYC, is only increasing in popularity. New Yorkers, and the country as a whole, know we are not in a good place with Biden as our President, and one-party rule in NYS only exacerbated the issues. 

President Trump can pull a bigger crowd at 6 am in front of a construction site, than Biden can at a planned campaign rally. The difference in enthusiasm will prove difficult in November for Democrats, as their own base is starting to pull away from Biden. In addition, the historically democratic Steamfitters Union in NYC put out a poll to their members that overwhelmingly supported Trump over Biden. The tide seems to be turning, and we will not let up the breaks. President Trump has said repeatedly, New York is in play for Republicans and Conservatives this November and we are with him.