Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 4/5/24


The Conservative Party has been clear that we oppose the State Budget submitted by the Governor as being way too expensive, and once again filled with woke ideas, lacking in a realistic understanding of the problems the state is encountering as a result of illegal immigration and inept criminal justice reforms.

The two one-house budgets submitted by the Assembly and Senate Democrats were somehow even worse. Costing more overall, with new taxes, and even more out of touch programs and restorations that do nothing for New Yorkers who continue to flee.

Now, the Empire Foundation has brought to our attention an effort to retroactively change pension retirement tier 6 which has been in effect since April of 2012. Changing an existing retirement tier has never happened in the history of our state with good reason. It by definition would be retroactive affecting 54% of current state employees, costing the state billions of dollars and the city hundreds of millions in addition. Of course, those who choose state employment, with its array of benefits since the creation of tier 6, knew exactly what they were eligible to receive. 

It is nothing more than a state pension giveaway in a legislative body that often values organized labor support over the taxpayers as a whole.

As of this writing, the Governor has not offered an opinion. Exploding her budget and future budgets should in itself be good enough reasons for her to threaten a veto.

The Conservative Party is strongly opposed and urges the many legislators we endorse to join with us in opposing this effort.


Yesterday, April 4th, was the final day to submit nominating petitions for public office, as well as party office. Literally thousands of individuals have submitted the appropriate number of petition signatures to run for everything from Congress to County Committee.

In many cases, the state or local party organization was required to authorize a candidate for public office who is a member of a political party other than the Conservative Party. 

Due mostly to weather related problems, this was a particularly difficult petition season for all political parties and candidates.

I would like to thank all those who have chosen to run for office and the many party activists who went out to collect signatures over the last five weeks. Let us not forget the many party leaders who organize the petition efforts, their work has not gone unnoticed. If it wasn’t for you all, candidates would not be on the ballot this November, and for that we thank you! 

Greg Abbott in NYC

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the New York GOP Gala with featured speaker Governor Greg Abbott in Manhattan. The Governor gave a fascinating speech covering an array of issues impacting Texas, the Nation, and of course New York. The differences in policy between the Honorable Greg Abbott and our very own Kathy Hochul was beyond astonishing. Governor Hochul has done nothing to put a stop to the migrant crisis facing New York. In fact, her policies have only exacerbated the scope of the problem, and with the help of a Democratic Legislature, they are not interested in fighting to fix it. In stark contrast, Governor Abbott has done everything in his power to fight for his State. Whether it’s building more wall, installing buoy systems, razor wire, or busing migrants to sanctuary cities. How do the Democrats and Joe Biden respond? They sue and challenge every move Abbott makes that would assist in securing the border. The Democrats public relation teams can say they want to secure the border all they want, but the American people are siding with the facts, and not buying into their falsehoods.