Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 3/22/24

Last Call for Albany Legislative Reception

Last call to get your tickets for the Conservative Party’s Legislative Reception where we present the J. Daniel Mahoney Awards. This year, we will be honoring Chung Dick and Ronald Greenleaf with the prestigious honor. Their tireless work over the years has not gone unnoticed. The reception will be held on Monday, March 25th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the historic Fort Orange Club in Albany located at 110 Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12210. You can purchase your ticket here:

Ron Greenleaf is the longtime Chairman of the Oswego County organization. Under his leadership, the Party has a solid track record of victories with an expanding membership and vote tally.  Ron, a decorated Vietnam War Veteran, has, in addition to his Party responsibilities, held numerous local public offices. Chung Dick, who hails from Kings County, joined the Party’s State leadership while playing key roles in several Brooklyn Party victories. Chung, a commercial movie producer and successful NYC businessman, brought the Party’s message of secure borders, a strong national defense, and anti-communist values to New York State’s fast-growing Asian American communities.

We hope you can join us for the occasion!

Patriots Podium Featuring Senator George Borrello 

For episode number 21 of Patriots Podium we were delighted to have on NYS Senator, George Borrello (R/C) who covers the 57th Senatorial District. George is also the Chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC) which is one of the driving forces that helps recruit, guide, and fundraise for Republican/Conservative candidates statewide. The Conservative Party shares the same goals as the Senate GOP in working to overcome the left wing state senate democratic majority. George is a former County Executive and local official who hails from Chautauqua County. In this episode we discuss the ins and outs of Albany, Hochuls Budget, public safety, and much more. Tune in on any of the links below to watch:

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State Party in the News

Over the past week, the Conservative Party has had a heavy presence in media reaching across the state. Everybody who receives these weekly wrap ups understands our State is in severe trouble and we need change. Now, and come this November 5th, more and more common sense voters will appeal to the Conservative Party. Why you may ask? The answers are simple, Democrat Policies are making NY uninhabitable. 

Instead of fixing the evident issues facing our State and City, two representatives appointed to a committee considering paying reparations claimed whites were responsible for climate change, slammed Israel and pushed to defund the police. I stated “The commission on reparations was ridiculous from the start. This proves it,”…“These sound like people who have preconceived notions of what they view as white privilege. Unbelievable. There’s no way these appointees should serve on the commission given their comments.” You can read the full article here:

Another clear example would be Mayor Adams recent escapade, which entails planning to install “life alert” devices in apartments to help drug users avoid overdosing. And yes, you guessed it, it will be tax-payer funded. In addition to increasing usage among addicts. City health officials should be helping addicts kick the habit completely rather than condoning or enabling drug use. I stated “Can you imagine Alcoholic Anonymous coming up with a program that allowed you to drink booze? This is using taxpayer resources to allow drug use. It’s a continuation of drug injection sites.” You can read the full article here:

Recently, I went on the Dominic Carter Show on WABC to discuss congestion pricing, which is one of the disastrous policies being forced upon NYC residents by Governor Hochul and Democrats. You can listen to our discussion here: I have never seen a tax or a toll the Democrats haven’t tried to raise over the years, this is only the beginning. 

Combine just a few of these issues facing New York State residents, and one would understand why people are fleeing the state in droves and contributing to our population decline. “New York City lost six percent of its population between 2020 and 2023, and the State as a whole has shed hundreds of thousands of residents over the same period of time. One would think that Democrats running the city and state would realize there’s a problem, and a massive one at that. But one would be wrong. Read the full press release here

Lastly, to no one’s surprise, NYS is still holding a Presidential Primary despite Donald J. Trump being the Republican/Conservative presumptive nominee and Joe Biden being the Democrat’s presumptive nominee. I stated “It’s a waste of money. There should be a way to cancel the election. There should be an escape clause to make the primary go away. The Conservative Party would support such a change. Trump and Biden have clinched the nomination and other candidates have withdrawn. Twenty five million dollars, the amount New York City is spending to hold the presidential primary, is a lot of money. You can double that total to $50 million statewide.” You can read the full article here