Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 3/15/24

Tik Tok

As you might have noticed over the years, the New York State Conservative Party has never been on Tik Tok. While we have a very large and active media presence on almost every social media platform, we made the common sense decision to not indulge in a Communist owned company.

We have known for years the application of Tik Tok is run by Chinese Communists secretly collecting data from Americans. Now, Americans know the truth behind one of America’s biggest national security threats after the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the “Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversaries Controlled Application Act.”

It’s obvious the Conservative Party has a distaste for a platform that pushes Communist and anti-American propaganda on a daily basis. This app was cleverly designed to brainwash our most vulnerable groups and target our youth. The House was right in their decision to hold Tik Tik accountable, and the Senate should not waste any time following suit.

Whoopi Calls Out Hochul

We all know “The View” show is run by a bunch of lunatic leftists with a clear liberal agenda. Recently, they had on Governor Hochul to discuss the current State of New York. While it’s evident  our state is falling apart, the View hosts indulged Kathy’s selfishness and failed to press her on issues failing our state.

Crime is still rising through the roof, citizens continue to leave in droves, there is an immigration crisis, an economic collapse, and countless other issues impacting New Yorkers. What is the Governor’s response? Blame Republicans and Conservatives in a state controlled by one-party Democratic rule. This has been the playbook for the Democrat Party in New York for some time, and New Yorkers are waking up to the game.

In this one shocking instance, Whoopie Goldberg, a lifetime New Yorker, ripped Governor Hochul on Congestion pricing. You can view the article here. Since its inception, the Conservative Party has taken a strong stance against Congestion pricing in New York. It is another cash grab by the Government that will charge people $15 dollars just to enter parts of the City. This is absurd and will only hurt the lower-middle class families. Simply put, New York has a spending problem, and until we fix that, Congestion pricing tax and higher MTA fees will not save New York’s Economy.

Schumer’s Ignorance

Senator Chuck Schumer took the Senate floor, and world, by shock delivering his speech that might be interference in Israeli elections. “The Netanyahu coalition no longer fits the needs of Israel after 10/7.” This is the quote echoing across the world from one of the highest-ranking Democrats and Legislators in the Nation. Schumer is trying to lay out the groundwork to get directly involved with our foreign allies’ election process, citing the lack of confidence he has in Netanyahu to ensure the future of Israel and its people. You can view his unsettling speech here.

The New York State Conservative Party would recommend Mr. Schumer take a good look in the mirror and focus on the issues facing his own state and nation before meddling in Israeli Democracy. Conservative/Republican endorsed Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, who has been a fierce advocate for Israel, had a great response to Schumer. In short, she enlightened how no Democrats are calling for new elections in Gaza, while the tyrannical government of Gaza is run by ravenous murderers, also known as Hamas. The ignorance and double standards should frighten everyone.