Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 3/8/24


President Trump, who became the presumptive nominee of the NYS Conservative Party two weeks ago wrapped up the national GOP nomination this past week with a near sweep of Super Tuesday GOP primaries. See our press release here:

The Conservative Party in New York is the sole second line the former President will carry in the nation. This is due to New York’s fusion voting laws which allow the Conservative Party to join with another political party for purposes of a unified candidacy.  In August, the Conservative Party and NYS Republican Party will nominate a joint slate of 28 Trump electors.

The action now moves over to the general election and the growing speculation that President Biden, because of infirmities that are eroding voter confidence and support, will bow out.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, their farm team is limited with their leading prospects supportive of the many failed policies of Biden, Schumer, and former Speaker Pelosi. Every day with every poll and dinner table conversation it becomes more clear that America wants a change in leadership at the top.


 This nation is suffering a variety of problems, domestically and internationally, and President Biden’s highly partisan address tonight did nothing to fix them. His speech, which can only be described as wandering and angry, confirms the need for change at the top. You can read the press release here:


The Conservative Party will present Oswego County Chairman Ron Greenleaf and State Executive Committee Member Chung Dick with its prestigious J. Daniel Mahoney award at a reception to be held on Monday, March 25th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Fort Orange Club in Albany located at 110 Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12210. You can purchase your ticket here:

Ron Greenleaf is the longtime Chairman of the Oswego County organization. Under his leadership, the Party has a solid track record of victories with an expanding membership and vote tally.  Ron, a decorated Vietnam War Veteran, has in addition to his Party responsibilities, held numerous local public offices.

Chung Dick, who hails from Kings County, joined the Party’s State leadership while playing key roles in several Brooklyn Party victories. Chung, a commercial movie producer and successful NYC businessman, brought the Party’s message of secure borders, a strong national defense, and anti-communist values to New York State’s fast-growing Asian American communities.

Daniel Mahoney, together with his brother-in-law Kieran, the Buckley family, Charles Edison, and others were founders of the Conservative Party in 1962. Mahoney who served as State Chairman for over twenty years went on to become a Federal Court of Appeals Judge. Congratulations Chung and Ron!


Thank you all for tuning in to the Patriots Podium Podcast over the last year. We are now on episode number 20 of Patriots Podium where we continue to bring like-minded conservative experts, lawmakers, candidates, and much more into the mix. For this episode, we are excited to have on Mike Sapraicone, the Conservative and Republican Party endorsed candidate for United States Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand. A little background on Mike, he hails from Richmond Hills, Queens, and has lived in Nassau County for many years as a father of five children. He is a retired NYC police detective and founder of successful domestic and international security companies. In this episode, we discuss Mike’s race, 2nd Amendment rights, Gillibrand’s absence, congestion pricing, and many more issues facing our State. I encourage you to give this a listen if you are interested in learning more about Mike and his campaign. You can listen on any of the links below:

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