Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 2/9/24

Successful CPPAC

The 56th annual Conservative Party’s Political Action Conference (CPPAC) event was an exceptional two-day gathering that brought together esteemed speakers and passionate attendees to discuss pressing issues facing New York State and the nation as a whole.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everybody who showed their support for our event. It was great meeting with like minded conservatives, legislators, committee members and candidates from across the State in the heart of Albany. 

Joe Pinion, a former U.S. Senate Candidate and Newsmax Host, captivated the audience with his address on “Renewing the American Dream for a New Generation,” inspiring hope and optimism for the future. Throughout the day, attendees were treated to a diverse array of topics, including understanding the mindset of today’s independent voter, defeating the New York State so called “Equal Rights Amendment,” understanding the scope of the migrant crisis and surveying the legislative landscape for 2024. In addition, attendees had an opportunity to attend informative breakout sessions to help them activate absentee voters, and how to operate a Committee to its fullest. 

On her birthday, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, Co-Chair of the Election Integrity Caucus, wrapped up Sunday night with a remarkable speech on securing the vote. 

Pictures are starting to trickle out on our social media, but be on the lookout for more pictures, live recordings, and much more coming out soon! We will send a note out when everything is finalized for your viewing. You can view what has been released thus far here:

Reapportionment Press Conference

The second day of the conference was equally compelling, starting with a breakfast buffet followed by a thought-provoking presentation by NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger on “The Alarming Rise of Antisemitism in Israel’s Greatest Ally.” From discussions on property rights to America’s ties with Taiwan, the event delved into crucial issues shaping the political landscape. 

Notable speakers such as John Fund, Ryan Girdusky, and Brianna Lyman offered valuable insights into the changing media landscape and its implications for society. The event concluded with a press conference featuring myself, Lee Zeldin, State Senate Republican Leader Robert Ortt, and Bobbie Anne Cox highlighting the importance of reapportionment of congressional districts. You can view the press conference here. Our point is simple, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The lines should stay exactly the same. Interesting to note, the Democrats argument is not that the congressional lines are “unfair, or gerrymandered” but rather the process behind it was faulty. I’m sure if the Democrats picked up more seats in 2022, we would not be dealing with this today. It is a partisan game that will ultimately cost the average taxpayer to cover the bill. 

Shortly after the press conference, we gathered for lunch to listen to our keynote speaker, David Keene. Mr. Keene spoke tremendously and received a standing ovation from all attendees. He was very personable, and was willing to speak with anyone. The speech was recorded, and when it’s available, I highly recommend you take a look. 

The Annual Award Dinner provided a fitting finale, celebrating the dedication and contributions of individuals committed to conservative values with keynote speaker Lee Zeldin. Overall, the CPPAC 2024 event was a resounding success, fostering dialogue, collaboration, and a renewed sense of purpose among conservative leaders and activists.

Special Congratulations to our twelve recipients of our highest legislative ratings: Senator Mario Mattera, Senator Steven Rhoads, Assemblyman Joe Angelino, Assemblyman Ari Brown, Assemblyman David DiPietro, Assemblyman John Lemondes, Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, Assemblyman John Mikulin, Assemblyman Philip Palmesano, Assemblyman Doug Smith, Assemblyman Robert Smullen, and Assemblyman Chris Tague.

25th Amendment Time

Yesterday, President Biden decided to finally address the nation during a press conference regarding his mental state. Lets just say, this went as well as you would expect. Not only was it disgraceful, but it is a continued embarrassment to our country. To anyone, right or left leaning, it is abundantly clear that President Biden is unfit to serve in his current capacity; let alone four more years and eleven more months.

In addition, Special Counsel Robert Hur released a report on his findings regarding Biden’s handling of classified documents. To no one’s surprise, he will not be charged. However, essentially, the report found Biden to be so severely mentally compromised, that there was no way a jury would convict an elderly man with memory issues. Diving further into the report, it was “observed that the 81-year-old commander-in-chief was greatly diminished mentally, forgetting the dates of key events of his life during an interview with investigators.” It’s sad to see, but the report even detailed President Biden not knowing when his son passed away. The question now is, who are the Democrats going to run in 2024? At this rate, it certainly won’t be Biden.