Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 2/2/24


Conservative activists from all corners of the state will be gathering in Albany this weekend to enjoy speakers and panels on a wide range of topics. You can view the tentative schedule here. In addition to the speakers, there will be a breakfast, two receptions, a lunch with David Keene as the keynote speaker, and an awards dinner. At the dinner, we re-release our legislative agenda for 2024 and present top-rated legislators with an award for their strong conservative voting record.

Myself, Lee Zeldin, Senator Rob Ortt, and Bobbie Ann Cox will be conducting a noon press conference on Monday regarding Congressional reapportionment. We will provide the most up-to-date information on the madness encompassing Democrats’ attempt to gerrymander Congressional lines.

There will be many Legislators and candidates at the events, including those seeking to run for United States Senate, Congress, State Assembly, State Senate, etc.

It is not too late to register, you can buy a ticket now here. The entire package is just $200. Attendance at various parts of the conference is equally inexpensive. We even have a student rate running at only $25!

It will be a great event and I hope to see you over the weekend!


It is likely you saw the video, but if you haven’t you can view it here. As much as it shows the horror of a group of illegal aliens attacking two police officers simply asking the loitering group to move on, sadly there is more to the story. The Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, did not ask for bail despite the flawed cashless bail law giving him the authority to do such when a violent crime is committed. Additionally, the City and State’s refusal to work with ICE made it impossible for the federal agency to begin the deportation process.

As you would expect, the NYPD and many others have been extremely critical of what happened almost a week ago at Times Square and subsequently in the Manhattan DA’s office.

Beyond our position that these illegal aliens should not be here in the first place; the Conservative Party strongly supports their deportation now.

I did an interview on ABC Radio with Dominic Carter a few days ago where we went into detail and reviewed the tragic attack. You can listen to it here.


Every poll shows Joe Biden is sinking. He is unfavorably viewed by a significant number of Americans across the board. When viewed by issue area, fewer and fewer Americans believe he is capable of doing the job as President. He loses, or is within the margin of error of losing in key battleground states.

President Trump exceeded expectations in New Hampshire with one exception, all opposition has withdrawn. GOP polling for the former President, in state, indicates very strong support among the base.

Conservative Party County organizations continue to endorse him with the growing number at twelve. Voters across the State and Country are eager to vote Joe Biden out of office this November!