Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 1/12/24


Should we give Governor Hochul credit for finally admitting that Democratic controlled Albany has created a state that has growing financial woes, serious issues with crime, and an open-door policy for illegal immigrants that is harming the quality of life for millions of New Yorkers?

I do not think so. Hochul has been either Governor, or Lt Governor for more than twelve years. The Democrats have controlled either most of the Albany wheels, or all of it since 2007.

Out-migration has been consistent year-over-year for more than a decade. The out-migration in the past two years has been 1.2 million, an unprecedented number. Of course, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have arrived with no jobs, no place to live, and in many cases, no desire to live, or assimilate in New York.

This is anything other than a one-for-one trade. The dots do connect, and no one should need to draw Hochul a picture to understand.

In my years of observing the Governor’s State of the State addresses, Governor Hochul presented a clueless summary of a state that is rudderless; a ship that she is the captain of.

These annual messages usually have a thematic approach such as Governor Carey’s, “The Days of Wine and Roses are Behind Us.” Instead, we received a dull, biased speech, littered with false pretenses. I have dubbed this State of the State a true SOS message. You can read our press release here:


Any state legislator who supports keeping a leading candidate for President off his Party’s primary ballot is a traitor to basic American principles of American Democracy. It is that simple.

You do not need to be for, or against former President Trump to know this to be true. Frankly, if I were the Democrats, I would be very concerned that the same hollow arguments could be used to keep Joe Biden off the ballot.

I am confident that the Supreme Court in the next few weeks will decide in favor of the Constitution and in favor of Democracy, by siding with Donald Trump against these amazingly partisan efforts to keep him off the ballots.

What do the Democrats have to fear – the public?


As we kick off 2024 with our 17th bi-weekly episode of Patriots Podium, we are thrilled to continue to bring you insightful discussions with key figures shaping the conservative landscape. We are not even two weeks into the New Year, and Democrats have wasted no time in continuing their efforts to destroy New York. Therefore, we must double our efforts to fight back against their partisan politics with a common sense approach. Our podcast covers recent events, current hot topics, and insider information you can only find here.

For this week’s episode, we had a rising star in Albany join us. One who has a high legislative rating of 84% – Assemblyman Anil Beephan, also known as AJ, representing the 105th Assembly District in Dutchess County. AJ is a young, energetic, Republican/Conservative Assemblymember, representing the ideals that resonate with the next generation of conservatives. I was honored to have him share his insights on a myriad of topics, such as immigration, reapportionment, and provide our listeners with a firsthand look into the abysmal 2024 State of the State Address.

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