Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up- Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

In 2023, we enjoyed many great victories, but not without some setbacks; overall, it was a mixed year.  We are once again burdened with the Democratic super majority in the State Legislature, a highly partisan Governor and the growing dominance of radical Democrats. The failure to break a Democratic super majority in the State Senate was critical in the Democratic Party’s ability to revisit the congressional reapportionment. You can read my full press release on reapportionment here

The highly partisan nature of Governor Hochul and the Democratically-controlled legislature has resulted in a Court of Appeals that is mostly focused on doing the Democratic Party’s bidding.  We can no longer count on that court to give us a fair shake.  Our victories must come at the ballot box, a place in which I believe the Conservative Party is well-equipped to fight.

We will continue to litigate, particularly in matters that involve absentee ballots, early voting by mail, and changes in the election year for local offices outside of cities from off years – to even years. The ballot box is our best hope, but the lower courts, despite the highly partisan nature of the Court of Appeals, do remain a necessary spoke in our efforts to spread our conservative philosophy and counter Democratic Party efforts to silence our voice.

As much as we accurately claim that each election year is of great importance, 2024 truly is the most important election in decades.  The presidency, control of the congress, much needed advances in the state legislature are necessary to protect our way of life.

Hochul, Biden, Jeffries and democratic leaders in the State Legislature are actively working to change the America that we have known, and in doing so eliminating vocal political opposition. 

I remain confident in the “American Experiment” with faith in the American people, and New Yorkers in particular. The American people, have long appreciated the unique nature of our government, its protections of liberty, and individual rights. It’s unfortunate that leaders like President Biden and Governor Hochul have pushed so hard against basic American beliefs and principles. The Conservative Party has been, and will continue to be, a buttress against those who wish to infringe on our way of life. 

I wish you a safe and Happy New Year, and urge you to recommit yourself to the importance of participating in the great American experience, established by our founding fathers, implanted in our Constitution, and Bill of Rights. 

Happy New Year!