Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 12/15/23

3rd Congressional District

The New York State Conservative Party, in conjunction with the Nassau and Queens Conservative Party Committees, have chosen to endorse Mazi Melesa Pilips to run for the 3rd Congressional District after the expulsion of George Santos. She is an outstanding public official who will be an incredible candidate to keep this seat in the hands of our party. I have talked to her extensively, and am confident she aligns with the Conservative Party’s values. Here is her bio:

Mazi Pilip is an Israeli-American politician serving in New York’s Nassau County Legislature representing Nassau County, Long Island’s 10th district, as a Republican. She is an Ethiopian Jew who was born in a poor village in Ethiopia, immigrated to Israel when she was 12 years old, and later served in the Israel Defense Force’s Paratroopers Brigade. She studied at the University of Haifa, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy, and also studied at Tel Aviv University, where she earned a masters degree in diplomacy and security. In addition to her unique background, she is a married mother of seven children! In 2021 and again in 2023, Pilip was elected to the Nassau County Legislature.

You can read my full press release here:

Reapportionment Decision

It really came as no surprise, especially considering the manner in which Governor Hochul went about “fixing” the court. Our highest Court in NYS, the State Court of Appeals, made it abundantly clear that they engage in partisan politics; even when it’s against the will of the voters.

The decision this week threw out a congressional reapportionment that was considered fair, equitable, and competitive. Now the work goes to the New York State Independent Redistricting Commission, a body that is divided equally between democrats and republican/conservatives.

The Conservative Party’s position is that the existing lines make perfect sense, and should be what the commission puts forward to the State Legislature. It’s worth noting that the Court of Appeals ruled on process. The original congressional lines done by the legislature, and thrown out last year by the courts, was ruled an unconstitutional gerrymander. That ruling still remains in place. These current lines produced by an expert special master made sense then, and make sense now. You can read our full press release here: 

Patriots Podium Featuring Joe Borelli

For our last Patriots Podium Episode of the year, I was delighted to have on the Minority Leader of the New York City Council, Joe Borelli. As many of you may know him, Joe is a major asset to the Conservative movement and a champion of common sense in NYC. With all the madness that occurs in NYC, people like him and the recently formed “Common Sense Caucus” help put a stop to the radical agenda coming out of the Democrats. In this episode, we dive into the hot topic of congestion pricing that recently came into effect. Joe goes into great detail on why congestion pricing is a complete disaster. You can listen using any of the links below:

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