2023 Assembly/Senate Rating Descriptions

Short descriptions of the legislative bills used for the 2023 Legislature Ratings in the New York State Legislature

  1. 108-A Krueger/A.1283 Seawright: This is the inaccurately named “Equality Act” which hampers parent’s rights on issues including gender assignment while enshrining in the State Constitution the ability to induce an abortion until term.  CPNYS opposes this bill.
  2. 636-A Comrie/A. 5981-A Paulin:  This bill seeks to provide data to the public about the gender, ethnicity, and race of companies’ employees.  CPNYS believes that this bill undermines the ability for private employees to choose their employees on merit, and if enacted would require specific groups to be equally represented as an employee, not on the merits of their ability to do the job and is therefore opposed to the bill.
  3. 1066-B Mayer/A.1709-B Reyes:  This bill raises interstate commerce issues by allowing NYS to create protections for non-state residents to seek an abortion in New York State without establishing residency.  It will enhance New York’s already deplorable abortion tourism industry.  CPNYS is opposed to these changes
  4. 1163-A Sanders/A. 7691 Solanges: This bill seeks to establish the New York State Community Commission on Reparations Remedies.  There is no doubt that slavery was inhumane and had to be ended.  America did just that after the Civil War ended in May of 1865.  America’s history is unique in that America recognizes and changes its shortfalls, however, a commission on reparations remedies is not the answer in 2023, one hundred and fifty-eight years after the Civil War.  CPNYS opposes the creation of this commission, it does however, support education on slavery to be certain that no race or religion is ever enslaved again.
  5. 2328-A Mayer/A. 2793-A Otis:  This bill seeks to provide additional protection for military monuments and memorials.  Recent attempts to remove long established memorials for “political correctness” makes this bill necessary.  CPNYS supports this bill.
  6. 2475-B Hoylman-Sigal/A. 6046-Bronson:  This bill seeks to allow courts and physicians the authority to provide gender transitions for those who are too young to sign consent forms themselves and who live out of state. This is yet another bill where the extreme left interferes in the policies of other states by affirming that gender transitioning is welcomed and encouraged in New York State.  CPNYS opposes this bill that also seeks to undermine the rights of parents.
  7. 2980-C Kavanagh/A.6216-B Rosenthal, L:  This bill expands tenant protections first passed in 2019.  CPNYS opposes the bill that leaves owners/landlords with little protections from delinquent or unruly tenants.
  8. 3225-Hoylman-Sigal/A. 358 Bronson: This bill seeks to keep accurate and relevant public records of population by sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in the state of New York.  CPNYS opposes the public record of all data collection of employees as there is no viable need to collect it.
  9. 3505-B Skoufis/A4282-B Paulin:  If enacted, local elections and the many important issues candidates in such elections discuss will take second place to presidential and statewide elections, thus doing local constituencies a disservice.  CPNYS opposes these changes.
  10. 4000-D Budget/A. 3000-D Budget:  This is the State Operations Budget Bill that continues unchecked increases to state agencies spending and is a major component to the historically large increases in 2023-2024. CPNYS is opposed to this.
  11. 4007-C Budget/A 3007-C Budget:  This budget bill contains the state health and mental health legislation that provides abortion expansion in the state budget. CPNYS is opposed to this.
  12. 4009C Budget Bill/A. 3007-C Budget:  This Budget Bill (Article VII) includes tax increases, movie tax credit expansion and a variety of MTA related language that resulted in a partial state bailout. CPNYS is opposed to this.
  13. 5025 Mayer/A. 1771-A McDonald:  This constitutional amendment seeks to remove the debt cap currently imposed upon small city school districts.  Although the Party does not oppose the use of increased debt to aid small school districts, we do, as a matter of principle, oppose lifting debt cap limits.  New priorities in state leverage, as well as revising pay as you go (PAYGO), in the views of the Conservative Party makes more sense.  Therefore, CPNYS opposes this bill.
  14. 5826 Kavanagh/A 3057 Cruz:  This bill would require that before entering a plea a non-citizen defendant be told that there is a risk of deportation.  CPNYS opposes this bill that undermines the federal law passed in 1996 that may subject a defendant to automatic removal even if it is a minor offense.
  15. 5984-A Kavanagh/A. 6132-A Carroll:  This is same day registration.  It was overwhelmingly rejected as a ballot proposal in 2020.  It will lead to increased fraud and therefore CPNYS is opposed to this bill.
  16. 6218-A Parker/A. 7764 Mitaynes: CPNYS opposes this program inasmuch as significant unresolved conflicts exist in the viability both scientifically and economically for large scale offshore wind projects.
  17. 6714-B Thomas/ A. 6568-B McDonald:  This bill seeks to establish the New York State organized retail crime task force.  CPNYS supports this common-sense legislation to help resolve the rising crime rates and help address the economic impact in New York State.
  18.   7050 Skoufis/A. 124-A Solages:  This bill seeks to prohibit municipal officers or employees from displaying political advertisements on or with public buildings and various other places.  CPNYS objects to the portion of this proposal that seeks to eliminate the display of a political advertisement as an attempt to infringe the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
  19.      7354 Hinchey/ A.7430 Peoples-Stokes:  This bill extends authorization to process and distribute cannabis products.  Marijuana continues to be classified as a Federal Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substance Act, as well as viewed as a gateway drug by the majority of substance abuse treatment specialists due to its high potential for abuse.  Therefore, CPNYS opposed this bill.
  20. S 7394-A Gianaris/ A. 7632-A Reyes:  This bill violates the public intent as shown in the overwhelming rejection of a ballot proposal in 2020 to amend the state constitution to establish mail in voting.  It will lead to increased fraud; therefore, CPNYS is opposed to this bill.
  21. 7414 Gonzalez/A. 7364 Otis:  The bill seeks to clarify that homeland security and emergency services statutory review and provide analysis of measures to protect the security of critical infrastructure including for cyber security.  CPNYS supports this necessary piece of legislation.
  22. 7548 Myrie/A. 2878 Aubry: This bill seeks to make it easier to vacate judgements in criminal procedure law due to various options such as changes in the law the applicant was convicted of.  If a court grants a motion under this section, it must vacate and seal the judgement. CPNYS believes those truly wrongfully convicted should be allowed to clear their name, however the changes in the bill open the possibility of a flood gate of applications due to the loosening of reasonable restrictions. CPNYS opposes this bill.
  23. 7549-A Thomas/A.7763 Hunter:  This bill seeks a one-year moratorium on rem foreclosures. CPNYS believes that additional time granted to the debtor for non-payment of taxes places an unnecessary burden on the locality, other property owners and the public.
  24. 7551-A Myrie/A. 1029-C Cruz:  This bill, also known as the “Clean Slate” bill, seeks to automatically seal records pertaining to specified offenses.  CPNYS opposes the “automatic” sealing of records (there is a process to expunge records) and believes that any record eligible for sealing must be reviewed by appropriate legal staff.

25). S.7564 Myrie/A.7760 Walker:  This bill seeks to expand the public campaign program.  CPNYS is firmly opposed to using tax dollars for campaigns. This proposal expands the current allowances resulting in the commitment of larger donations for the use in establishing matching funds allocations.

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