Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 11/10/23


Overall, it was a mixed day that saw some gigantic wins for the Conservative Party; especially in Suffolk and Nassau Counties and some notable setbacks. The two counties, with 3 million residents, had been moving to the right for the past few years and is now highlighted with a Republican/Conservative Suffolk County Executive–Elect and a super majority in the Legislature. Together with numerous victories in Nassau County, Long Island’s deep red became a national news story. Nassau held the North Hempstead Supervisor position comfortably; a big town which until two years ago, had consistently elected Democrats for almost thirty years.

There were also many candidates who won by the difference of the Conservative Party line, including the newly elected Mayor of Troy, the first woman and first Republican/Conservative in many years, as well as the Sheriff of Rensselaer County.

In NYC, the Bronx Conservative Party was the margin of victory in a hotly contested City Council race. A first in the Bronx in literally decades.

Of course, it was not all good news. Although many areas saw the status quo, we did lose several key County Legislative seats costing us local control, town Supervisor positions, and other local offices. Unfortunately, there was a District Attorney Office that turned blue and a County Clerk spot too close to call that we currently hold.

The Party worked hard, and our total votes cast on our line Tuesday was high. For me, that is more than a consolation, but a reflection of our strength and momentum into 2024.

The Party goes into the key 2024 elections being able to look back on 2023 as a year that reinforced the key role our Party plays in New York State politics.

You can read our full Election Day statement here:


The Court of Appeals next Wednesday will hold a hearing to determine if the Congressional Reapportionment should be sent back to the NYS Independent Redistricting Commission and then to the NYS Legislature.

When a special master under instructions from the State Supreme Court drew the lines last year because of the Commission and Legislature doing an unconstitutional gerrymander it was expected that they would be for the remainder of the decade. Statements at the time from multiple Judges, legislators, and experts said as much. The State Constitution speaks of reapportionments being final. A second review by the State Supreme Court said the same.

Yet, here we are. Democrats controlling the appeals courts in the State saw an opportunity. Now we will find out just how political the Court of Appeals has become. A majority Democratic Court ruled in favor of the lines that are now in effect.

So, what did Hochul and the Democratic leadership of the Legislature do? They changed the makeup of the Court of Appeals.

New Yorkers have long suspected corruption in the NYS Judiciary when political decisions are involved. This Court of Appeals can uphold what they have already done, or feed into the public’s belief that when it comes to politics, New York’s Democratically controlled Courts are fixed.

Patriots Podium Featuring Marilyn Musgrave

I had the pleasure of speaking with Marilyn Musgrave, former Colorado Congresswoman and Vice Chairwoman of Susan B. Anthony’s List. Marilyn has a proven Conservative track record, and is a major asset to the Pro-Life movement. Listen as we discuss many topics such as political culture in D.C., the Biden administration’s Anti-Life agenda, Roe V Wade, and much more! Visit any of the following links to listen:

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