Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 10/27/23


The Conservative Party has begun airing radio spots around New York State to encourage turnout and votes on the Conservative Party line. I thought you would enjoy an opportunity to listen to it. You can also listen to it on the website in the wrap-up.

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Early in person voting starts this Saturday and runs through November 5th.  My wife and I, as we have done the past few years, will be voting early for the Conservative Party candidates.  I urge you to do the same.  If you cannot, it is important that you come out on Tuesday, November 7th. The Conservative Party is literally running more than a thousand candidates around the state. There are a number of major competitive races that our candidates should be able to win if our people take the time to vote. There should be no one on this email chain that fails to come out. It is important!


President Biden is out of it and the nation knows. His polling numbers are tanking, but no one needs to see a poll to understand he is physically and mentally incapable of doing the job.  The dozens of beach trips and countless days away from the White House never decreased even as the world is shattering around us. His disjointed public statements and startlingly unclear judgements on secure borders, the economy and our role in the world can be outright scary.   

Some people will say that Biden running for re-election assures us a win. That may be true, but for the sake of the country he needs to retire next year. I would say now, but then Harris would become President which would be just as bad.


The New York State Conservative Party’s Fall Reception proved to be a resounding success, marked by a gathering of a large and enthusiastic crowd. We extend our congratulations to John McLaughlin, who was honored with the prestigious James Buckley award, a testament to his outstanding contributions. Not only was he recognized by us, but he also received a personal note from President Donald J. Trump: “John, you were with me from the very beginning of my first presidential campaign and I can’t thank you enough for your loyalty. Your sage advice and counsel has been an integral part of the many successes of our American First Agenda. I know with your help, and that of those great Freedom Fighters of the New York State Conservative Party, the best is yet to come for our movement, and our great Nation.”

 A special thanks to our Keynote speaker, Emma-Jo Morris, who gave us an insightful inside scoop into the compelling “laptop from hell” story. We also presented John DeLessio an award for dedicating over 60 years to the conservative movement; he deserves our utmost gratitude, and we are thankful John is staying involved. The event wouldn’t have been as smooth without the exceptional work of our master of ceremonies, Jim Kerr, who always does a wonderful job. We also express our gratitude to those working diligently behind the scenes, including Eileen, my assistant, and Andrew Davis, our Director of Operations. This successful reception sets the stage for the final two weeks of the campaign season. 

Patriots Podium Featuring Kalman Yeger

On the thirteenth episode of Patriots Podium, I had the opportunity to speak with Kalman Yeger, a New York City Councilman, representing the 44th district. Kalman Yeger holds endorsements from several political parties, including us. This is a very insightful podcast probing several issues facing New York City, and everything you need to know about Israel, as they continue to rid Hamas. Yeger, who is Jewish, has strong opinions and thoughtful analysis on the tragedy that is occurring in Israel. This podcast will be more insightful than watching a news segment, I hope you give it a listen.