Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 10/20/23


The NYS Conservative Party is recommending a No vote on the two statewide ballot issues on the November 7, 2023 ballot. The Conservative Party has always considered the fiscal impact of ballot questions, in addition to impending serious need, and has concluded the fiscal impact of these two ballot questions exceed the long-term benefit and will place additional financial burdens on New York taxpayers.

Proposal Number One, An Amendment:

The proposed amendment to Article 8 section 4 of the Constitution removed the special constitutional debt limitation now placed on small city school districts, so they will be treated the same as all other school districts. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?

Currently the small school districts are limited to 5% of the taxable real estate in the district (there are exceptions to certain expenses); this proposal could double the limit to 10%. The Conservative Party recommends a NO vote.

Proposal Number Two, An Amendment:

The Constitution limits the debt counties, cities, towns and villages can incur.  This debt limit does not include debt for sewage treatment and disposal construction projects.  The sewer debt exception expires on January 1, 2024.  This amendment extends the sewer debt exception for ten more years until January 1, 2034. The proposal amends section 5 of article 8 of the Constitution.

This indebtedness has occurred since 1962, renewed each time by a Constitutional Amendment allowing the legislature to prescribe the method by which and the terms and conditions under which the amount of any such indebtedness to be excluded shall be determined, and no such indebtedness shall be excluded except in accordance with such determination.

Since indebtedness is left to the legislature, taxpayers have little to no control or knowledge as to the indebtedness they are incurring; there is no cap on the costs or what would need to be covered.  The Conservative Party recommends a NO vote.


As part of our efforts to encourage Conservative Party enrollment, and turnout on Row C, The NYS Conservative Party is running an extensive statewide social media campaign.

Please go to the links below to see our first three vote Conservative advertisements (also available to download at the bottom of the page), please like and share with family and friends:

Less Mandates, Less Government, Early Vote AD

Safer Streets, Lower Taxes, Less Government AD

Secure Borders, Fund Police, America First AD


We are only a few days away from our October Reception being held on October 25th at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, where we are honoring John Mclaughlin with the James Buckley award. We have a fantastic event planned with many Conservative legislators, dignitaries, speakers, etc. We are excited to be joined by our Key-Note speaker, Emma-Jo Morris.

A little background on Emma, she began her career as a producer of “Hannity” at Fox News Channel, before being hired by the New York Post as Deputy Politics Editor, running national politics coverage. Emma is responsible for some of the most explosive stories of the last decade, authoring the Post’s exclusive “laptop from Hell” series. Since joining Breitbart News, Morris has published multiple investigative series, covering the education, media, and medical establishments. She has testified to Congress on the relationship between the US Intelligence Community, Big Tech, and the media, as it relates to journalism and press freedom, and has been featured in outlets across the political spectrum.

We are honored to have her speak, and we hope you can join us. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, there is still time! Click the link to purchase a ticket: