Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 10/13/23


Several weeks ago, I was highly critical of the Queens Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America holding a candidate screening meeting on 9/11 (you can read my release here). This had become a day of remembrance with campaigns and political organizations in New York City standing down. However, not the DSA. Of course, it was just another reminder that this leftist faction of the Democratic Party was comfortable in its support of a Democratic Party agenda that considers patriotism a cliché, support for American interests at home and abroad ill-advised, and socialism a legitimate political alternative.

On 9/11 DSA operatives responded to me decrying the 2001 terrorist attack as ancient history, telling me to get over it and a whole variety of anti-American comments that are not fit to publish.

There was barely a peep from the Democratic Party critical of the DSA. The Democratic Party’s silence at the time was deafening

Last week’s efforts by the DSA, in support of the extremist group Hamas’s actions to destroy the Israeli state, reflected the groups complete lack of focus on the terrorist horrors perpetrated against Israel.

Furthermore, the DSA operates in the United States as a willing ally of an organization that looks to kill Americans. The DSA does not have any interest in what is best for America.

There are more than a few Democratic NYS Legislators and Congressmembers who proudly carry the DSA designation. Until a few days ago they functioned as the left wing of the Democratic Party with Democrats like Hochul and Schumer tolerant of their extreme positions.

With last week’s DSA-endorsed pro-Palestinian rally in Time Square, and the anti-Israeli rhetoric mouthed by many DSA politicians, the Democratic Party is finally waking up.

In my view, the damage has been done; resulting with mainstream Democrats who, until a few days ago, were willing to work alongside DSA colleagues eliminating any residue trust.


One more setback in President Biden’s hopes of a second term. Democrats and Independent voters of whom there are many weary about Biden’s ability to mentally and physically carry out his duties if re-elected now have a choice.

Robert Kennedy is a perfectly suited candidate for centrist Democrats. Some of his views could even be described as populist.

The Democratic Party’s efforts to disrespect Kennedy, even denying equal treatment to a candidate who appeared to be garnering nearly a third of the vote in a Democratic primary, backfired. 

Every ballot Kennedy appears on in November will only enhance the GOP’s chances of taking back the White House. 


The crowd is growing. The evening is coming together and we want you to be a part of it.

Use the link below to make a reservation, buy a Journal Ad and show your support for the Conservative Party and our honoree John McLaughlin. The reception is Wednesday evening, October 25th, at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle. You can reserve your ticket by clicking the link here:

We are hearing from nationally known conservative leaders, pundits and candidates planning to attend. We will soon start releasing their names. 

It certainly will be a grand evening. Hope to see you there.