Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 10/6/23

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a significant holiday not only for Conservatives but for all Americans; As it allows us to commemorate the remarkable journey of Christopher Columbus and honor the contributions of Italian Americans to our nation. While it’s important to celebrate the Italian heritage of Columbus, this day has an even broader significance.

Christopher Columbus’s voyages represent a pivotal moment in world history. His daring exploration not only opened up new trade routes but also facilitated the exchange of ideas, cultures, and technologies between the Old World and the New World. This exchange laid the foundation for the growth and prosperity of the Americas.

However, it’s disheartening to witness efforts to rebrand Columbus Day as “Indigenous Peoples Day.” While recognizing the history of indigenous communities is important, we should not undermine the historical importance of Columbus’s expeditions. Just as we should not be tearing down historical monuments to appease the left; destroying history just because a selective group is upset (you can read my full press release here). Columbus Day stands as a testament to the spirit of exploration and the discovery of new horizons.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s statement on Columbus Day, 1940, hits the nail on the head: “This year when we contemplate the estate to which the world has been brought by destructive forces, with lawlessness and wanton power ravaging an older civilization, and with our own republic girding itself for the defense of its institutions, we can revitalize our faith and renew our courage by a recollection of the triumph of Columbus after a period of grievous trial.

The promise which Columbus’s discovery gave to the world, of a new beginning in the march of human progress, has been in process of fulfillment for four centuries. Our task is now to make strong our conviction that in spite of setbacks that process will go on toward fulfillment.”

Columbus Day provides an occasion to honor Italian Americans, celebrate Columbus’s groundbreaking journeys, and acknowledge world history. While we must respect all perspectives, we should preserve the historical significance of this day for future generations.

Patriots Podium Featuring Will Barclay

I had the pleasure of hosting Patriots Podium Episode #11 with Assemblyman and Republican Minority Leader, Will Barclay. Will happens to be a very good friend of mine, as well as a major asset to the Conservative Party. Listen to us talk about the major issues facing New York residents, as well as the possibility of a special session to deal with the never-ending migrant crisis. In addition, we cover parental rights, bills in the state Assembly/Senate that would undermine our 2nd Amendment and much more!

The podcast will premiere on all of our social media accounts Monday, 10/9. However, you can view early on any of the platforms below, feel free to give us a like and share!

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