Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 9/29/23


There can be no clear answer concerning a partial government shutdown that very likely will occur this weekend. As conservatives we want US obligations paid and the government running. After all, a shutdown can be construed as an abrogation of responsibility.

On the other hand, the continuing resolutions (CRs) from the United States Senate are no more than kicking the Biden/Schumer budget can down the road. McConnell to no ones’ surprise has been of zero help.

The House GOP has offered and is in the process of passing acceptable alternatives despite on occasion being internally waylaid. Although these alternatives are far from perfect, they are superior to anything coming out of the White House or the US Senate.

I am in regular contact with the many members of the House delegation from New York who carry our endorsement and win on our line.

They hear in my voice and see in my eyes the frustration that I have with this entire process. A shutdown is a bad idea. Approving CRs that give us nothing is equally bad. I think many members of the House GOP, particularly from New York, are on the right track but they need partners in government willing to stand with them against the White House and Democratic US Senate.

Readers should be calling and/or writing their federal representatives – Democrats as well as Republicans – to express their views.

McLaughlin To Receive James Buckley Award

I am pleased to announce that well regarded national political strategist and polling expert John McLaughlin will receive the Conservative Party’s James Buckley Award for years of meritorious service to the conservative movement. John, who for decades has done opinion research and political strategy for the Conservative Party, was born, raised and lives in Rockland County. As you likely know he is a senior consultant to President Trump’s re-election campaign and was also with him in 2016 and 2020. He has worked professionally as a strategic consultant and pollster for over 35 years. During this time, he has earned a reputation for winning some of the toughest elections in the nation.

The reception will be held on Wednesday, October 25th at the Paradise Ballroom, Glen Island Harbour Club, In Glen Island Park @ Weyman Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10805 beginning at 6:30. We have an expanding group of conservative dignitaries who have indicated that they plan to attend. We will keep you informed.

For more information call headquarters at 718 921 2158.

To register on-line, you can do so here:


The NYS Conservative Party is currently a Plaintiff in three legal actions. Additionally, we are non-litigants but a supporter and advisor through Plaintiffs associated with the Conservative Party & my participation in the federal redistricting case – Hoffmann v. NYS Independent Redistricting Commission. Finally, there are two potential areas of litigation that have not yet materialized that the Conservative Party will be considering joining in as Plaintiffs or through an amicus filing.

These two areas are the venue law (Chapter 475) that limits challenges to the constitutionality of the election law provisions to four counties: New York, Westchester, Albany, and Erie Counties. The second potential area would be even–year voting legislation which the Governor has not yet made a decision to sign or veto.

The cases that we are Plaintiffs in are:

  • Non-citizen Voting. The appeal by the City of New York of our win has been heard. We await a decision.
  • Universal Vote by Mail (Chapter 481): Papers are in; We are seeking a preliminary being sought. The return date is October 13th
  • Challenge to new 9-209 canvass procedure. “Amedure vs State of New York. This is a new filing on an action we had success with last year but unfortunately, we brought to close to the election.

As our legal status evolves, I will keep you informed.