Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 9/15

Mayor Adams Admits New York City is Being Destroyed

Mayor Adams finally acknowledged what everyone was thinking. Thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants occupying NYC is destroying it. Soon, the same will be said about New York State. 

Let’s walk that back a step. Mayor Adams, and Governor Hochul, led by President Biden, are destroying New York City. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that they are all Democrats. There is not a single Conservative or Republican official that supports Biden’s, Adams’s, and Hochul’s reckless policies. 

This is the reality New Yorkers face every day: budget deficits, unsafe streets, lack of resources, and it all comes back to a horrendous open border policy at the federal level. The situation has been aggravated by a Governor blinded by partisan politics, and a Mayor whose management style is rather non-existent. I applaud the Mayor for finally speaking out, but words are not going to solve this ongoing crisis. We must call back the legislature for a special session to revoke New York City’s sanctuary city status. 

Patriots Podium Episode #9 Jason McGuire

On episode #9 of Patriots Podium, I had the pleasure of being joined by one of our own, Rev. Jason J. McGuire. Jason is the Executive Director of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF) and NYFRF’s affiliated organization, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms. In addition, he holds the position of Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman. During our episode, we dive into critical issues facing our state such as the pro-life movement, parental rights, religious freedoms, females facing biological men in sports and bathrooms, and much more! Jason is a major asset to the Conservative Party and we are thankful for everything he does; whether it is running social media accounts, putting together CPPAC, speaking at events, doing interviews, and recently hosting the State Conservative Party’s table at the Syracuse State Fair. 

The podcast will premiere on all of our social media accounts Monday, 9/18. However, you can view early on any of the platforms below, feel free to give us a like and share!

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Special Election in Queens

This past Tuesday, September 12th, Conservative and Republican endorsed candidate David Hirsch ran in a special election in Queens for Assembly District 27. In the end, we came up a bit short in an overwhelmingly blue district, outspent 18-1, with approximately only five weeks to campaign. The results were 55-45% in a seat that has a total enrollment of 62,961 active voters, with almost 38,000 registered Democrats to approximately 11,000 Republicans. The conservative vote, as usual, as a percentage of our enrollment was very high. In fact, 6% of the total vote in the 27th Assembly District was on the Conservative Party line.

I’d like to acknowledge and thank David for running a great campaign as it is no easy task, especially under the circumstances of a special election with little time to prepare. David put everything he had into this race, with hopes of changing his community for the better. Everyone around David felt the energy of the campaign, which helped attract volunteers from all over the state. In addition to Conservative Party members helping on the ground, I was one of the people who had the opportunity to go door to door there, with our Director of Operations, Andrew Davis. The overall consensus, and attitude of voters was encouraging. As you can imagine, the main issues facing the people of this district, as well as many across the state, are illegal immigration, public safety, and the economy. 

Local Councilwoman Vickie Paladino, who is a firebrand on these issues, was actively involved in Hirsch’s efforts in the overlap in her district, which David won by a large margin. The Republican Assembly Campaign Committee, together with many other elected officials, also played a huge role in David’s campaign such as members of the Assembly, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, and many more. We might not have won but it was an excellent joint effort. I wish David the best of luck in his future endeavors and congratulations to all involved.