Siena Says What We All Know

New Yorkers are afraid. They are concerned that their property will be stolen or they will be the victim of a violent crime.

The Siena College survey released this week showed that a clear majority of New Yorkers from almost every part of the state consider crime one of their top three issues. You do not need to reside in Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, or New York City to believe your community is not as safe as it was just a few years ago. Just as shocking, most New Yorkers have been touched in someway by crime in their lives, many very recently.

The Democratic Party has moved far left on public safety issues with crime victim rights being overtaken by criminal rights.  We can thank the Democrats in Albany as well as in local big city governments with implementing cashless bail, disclosure laws that hinder prosecutors, defunding police, anti-policing initiatives and just this past session a “clean slate law” which simply undoes the record of a convicted felon and washes away the reality that they seriously broke the law. And this is to name just a few.

Law enforcement professionals are retiring in record numbers. New Yorkers are moving out of state because of crime, taxes and over regulation.

Siena said what we all know. The only way to reverse the damage done will be by electing conservatives to state and local offices who have an interest in public safety. With your help that is what we plan to do.

Read my full statement on the Siena poll here.

New York’s Third Department is Politics as Usual

As you probably have heard New York’s Third Department Appeals Court in Albany ruled 3 to 2 to scrap New York’s Congressional lines returning the responsibility to the Independent Redistricting Commission and eventually the Legislature. The lines that currently exist were drawn by a Special Master Court appointed by a Supreme Court Judge, upheld by the Appellate Division in Rochester, and by the Court of Appeals.

The Albany Appeals decision will go up the ladder to the State Court of Appeals. There is something to be said for the certainty of government. The constant back and forth on redistricting leaves the general public depending on the ebb and flow of a working government in the lurch. This is unfair and destabilizing for those represented and the broader nation. It would be foolish to think this Court was doing anything other than the bidding of the Democratic Party, House Democratic leadership, and the Biden Administration.

We will continue through the process and work to have our day in court. However, as the Party Chairman, I continue to focus on beating the Democratic Court assisted steal at the ballot box. 

Read my press release here.

Congresswoman Tenney on Patriots Podium

You can preview my conversation with Congresswoman Claudia Tenney by clicking here.

Claudia has been a beacon of conservative philosophy in Albany and Washington for many years. In our interview we discuss a wide range of issues from defense and foreign policy to Governor Hochul’s poor stewardship of our state.

I personally have known Claudia for over twenty years. You can count on her voting right as much as you can expect her to explain why she voted a certain way.

I hope you will take a look.