New York City is officially moving a $107 billion dollar budget. Although there was initially an attempt by the Mayor to rein in some spending, the final budget negotiated by the City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and Finance Committee Chairman Justin Brannan managed to restore and increase spending in areas such as illegal migrant services, free legal services, and a variety of programs that can best be described as poorly managed giveaways. 

Several progressives voted against it because it did not go far enough. One Republican, Ari Kagan, voted against it because it went too far, except in the area of public safety where it fell miserably short in supporting corrections, EMS, and other first responders but gave billions to illegal migrants, anti-NYPD, and anti-Asian organizations.

The NYPD did receive an increase in funding by way of higher salaries and a new contract with the PBA, but offender services benefited greatly from this bloated budget. 

There was also a separate vote that will increase property taxes, which all Democrats voted for and all Republicans against. Although many NYC homeowners had been fortunate to have relatively moderate property taxes – that will no longer be the case.

New York City is money hungry. Every year its appetite will cost the State and Federal governments billions of dollars that effect all New Yorkers.

The right vote on the City Budget was a NO.

Malliotakis, Steel Move to Amend Tax Code

As part of a $237 billion House Republican Tax Cut Package, House Ways and Means GOP members Nicole Malliotakis (R/C, New York) and Michelle Steel (R-California) have introduced legislation to increase the Federal Standard Deduction by $4,000 for joint filers and $2,000 for single filers above the cost of living adjustment for 2024 and 2025 returns.

This increase is for households with under $500,000 in income and is estimated to benefit almost 90% of those who claim the current standard deduction.

Malliotakis, together with her NYS GOP/Conservative colleagues continue to advocate for a return of the SALT deduction.

The uniqueness of their legislation to establish a “bonus” standard deduction is that it has the support of Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith and should eventually be part of a final package negotiated with the US Senate.

U.S Supreme Court gets it Right Again

Whatever your feelings might be about Donald Trump running for re-election one thing is certain. President Trump gave us today’s Supreme Court.

They are doing an amazing job. Last year’s Dobbs decision reversing Roe vs Wade and the protection of basic 2nd amendment rights was a prelude to several major victories we saw over the past few weeks.

Affirmative Action has gone down, the practice of one’s religious beliefs upheld, and the ability to appeal partisan gerrymandering to a State Court enshrined. Additionally, the ability of the Executive Branch to make budgetary law overruled with the cancelation of the student loan forgiveness program.

The decisions, often 6 to 3, came with detailed, rational arguments that were countered with stale liberal rhetoric.

I am very much looking forward to the next US Supreme Court session!