Adam Schiff Censured

I applaud the censure of Democratic California Congressman Adam Schiff by the House of Representatives. 

Schiff, as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, grossly misused his position when he essentially set out to frame President Trump. The cost to the taxpayers for an investigation that had no basis and not surprisingly turned up absolutely nothing was a $32 million dollar hit on the taxpayers.

The censure results in a referral to the House Ethics Committee where a formal review of the charges against him could result in a recommendation that Schiff be expelled from the House.

I urge the House Ethics Committee to move quickly.

Chinese Military in Cuba

It is called the Monroe Doctrine and it has been in place since December of 1823. The document is a warning to foreign powers that the United States will not tolerate efforts in the Western Hemisphere that could affect U.S. peace and security.

Any effort by communist China and Cuba to jointly plan and build a military training camp on the Marxist Island just 100 miles off the U.S. coast could easily be construed to be a violation of the doctrine.

The last time a Marxist power threatened to put a large installation on Cuba soil, the U.S. swiftly acted to protect its territorial integrity. The Biden Administration must similarly put in place measures to stop this planned facility in its tracks.

Assembly Finally Gets Something Right

The NY Assembly failed to take action on a State Senate approved scheme to use several billion in federal dollars as a down payment to provide medical coverage beyond emergency services for the tens of thousands of illegal migrants that have made their way into New York these past few months.

It was estimated that the cost to the state beyond the $2 billion dollars the federal government is allowing through a waiver would be as high as an additional $6 billion dollars over a four-year period.

Of course, the Assembly has not actually rejected the Senate move. They simply did not act, so at least for this year they could return, although this is not expected.