NYC Pushes for Private Residences to House Migrants

Struggling with inflation? Have an extra room? The City of New York will pay you $125 a night to house migrants. This is Mayor Adams’ latest attempt to put a band-aid on what needs a tourniquet.

In New York, a foster parent is given a daily allowance of $40 to raise a child, more than 3 times less than what they’re proposing to offer those willing to house an illegal migrant. And while New Yorkers struggle to pay bills due to inflation and increasing taxes, Mayor Adams aims to provide migrants with a free ride on the back of taxpayers.

The simple truth is the Biden Administration has bitten off far more than it can chew, and New York City’s sanctuary city status only elevates the crisis. 

We must, at once, close the southern border and reverse Biden’s border policies; if not, the City and State of New York are in for a long and expensive summer.

Democratic Assembly And Senate Pass Reparations Bill

The Democrat-controlled New York State Assembly passed a bill on Thursday that would establish a commission to assess how complicit the state of New York was in slavery. Yes, you read that right.

This nine-member commission would be appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders.

The State of New York passed legislation nearly 200 years ago that granted enslaved Africans their freedom. While we can all agree the idea of slavery is certainly deplorable, New York took the necessary action in 1827 to provide freedom to all.

This bill is nothing more than an attempt to further divide us using race as bait. Now, the bill goes to the desk of Governor Hochul who will decide its fate.

One Week Away from Spring Reception

We are just a week away from celebrating the career of longtime party Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine. We’re expecting a great evening at the New York City Athletic Club and have already received more than 100 RSVPs for the June 15th reception.

I look forward to presenting Shaun Marie with the first annual Michael R. Long award.

I cannot think of someone who deserves the inaugural award more than the person who spent decades in service to the Conservative Party under the great leadership of Mike Long.

To purchase your ticket, please click this link.

I look forward to celebrating with you all.

To sign Shaun Marie’s retirement card, click  here: