Self Defense is Not a Crime

New York City Democrats have successfully created an environment where looking over your shoulder in the city is not just smart, it is required. 

Everyday residents and guests do not want to play “what if”, they want a city that will protect and prioritize law abiding citizens. Instead, we’re plagued with D A’s and a Democratic City Council Majority who bend to the ultra-woke crowd and put our safety in jeopardy.

Daniel Penny could have been any one of us and now DA Bragg is looking to make an example out of him sending a clear message—you do not have the right to defend yourself.

So, what do we have the right to do? 

Daniel Penny did not get on the train looking for trouble or confrontation. Instead, he is the victim of a city which has failed to uphold the rule of law and provide the most basic of services—keeping its residents and guests safe.

Please read a release from the New York City Conservative Party county organizations here which includes statements from all of our New York City organizations.

To support Marine Corp veteran Daniel Penny, please click the link here.

NYS Communist Party Led by Former Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Staffer

I do believe Americans who value our way of life should be concerned when Congressional campaign staff members move on in their careers to become senior members of the Communist Party. 

Justine Medina was hired by Ocasio-Cortez as a campaign organizer despite proudly proclaiming her affiliation. Today she is the Chairwoman of the New York State Communist Party.

Medina likes to brag about her close association with AOC, and AOC, for her part, only has the nicest things to say about Medina. Imagine the head of the State Communist Party being able to use a member of the United States Congress as a reference.

Queens Conservative Party-endorsed NYC Councilman Bob Holden commented, “It’s frightening. They’re coming out of the woodwork. Communism has failed in so many places that it is mind-boggling that AOC’s constituents keep electing her. This is kind of like a smoking gun that these elected officials and congress people are out-and-out communists.”

Read my statement on AOC building her handpicked communist party here.

House GOP Stands its Ground

Speaker McCarthy and his Majority are standing their ground against Biden threats that the nation will default on its debt if the debt ceiling is not raised.

The Biden Administration, if not forced by the GOP in the House with concurrence of Republicans and a few Democrats in the Senate, would once again simply be raising the debt limit without the spending side being addressed. Just more of the same with new threats of default two or three years away and our nation’s future, which is already mortgaged many times over, being mortgaged again.

Speaker McCarthy’s line in the sand is simple—spending cuts that amount to hundreds of billions of dollars resulting from new work requirements makes sense to most Americans.

New York’s Congressional delegation, responsible for securing the House majority, are doing their part in ensuring a secure financial future for the next generation.