Communist Chinese Outpost Discovered in NYC

Several arrests this week were made by the FBI in NYC resulting in an outpost of the Communist Chinese security police being discovered and ultimately closed. Among those being harassed by the Chinese agents was Yan Xiong a onetime candidate for Congress.

I have met and enjoyed conversing with Mr. Xiong. He was a student protestor in 1989 at Tiananmen Square. In fact, he is the young man in the famous photo standing in front of the tank in hopes of keeping it from moving forward. He eventually escaped China coming to the United States where he joined the Army and became a citizen. He rose to the rank of Major and along the way became a minister.

It appears the communists could not tolerate the possibility of Mr. Xiong going to Congress. As more and more details become public, there are many Americans and/or Chinese refugees who have experienced the wrath of Beijing while living in the United States.

This is intolerable. I have been in touch with members of our Congressional delegation concerning this disturbing story. To a person they are all speaking up demanding answers and pushing for definitive actions.

Inside City Hall

Political journalist Errol Lewis asked me to join him on NYC Spectrum’s nightly political show “Inside City Hall” to discuss the Party’s declaration that George Santos will not be considered for re-election and our often repeated desire that he resign. The story is being revisited because Santos this past week announced that he would be seeking reelection.

Lewis also inquired about the Party’s view of standout problems in the State Budget from our perspective. You will find our release on Santos here, our release on Cashless Bail here and a link to the interview here.

Honoring Shaun Marie Levine

Save the date on Thursday June 15th from 6pm to 8pm as the State Conservative Party will be honoring our recently retired longtime Executive Director Shaun Marie at a reception being held at the New York Athletic Club.

Shaun will be receiving a new award named in honor of Mike Long. I can hardly think of any award more appropriate for Shaun Marie. You will certainly be hearing more about what I believe will be a festive as well as an emotional evening. 

More details to follow in the coming weeks.