Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 3-17

One-House Budget

Albany is not only the Capitol of NYS, but also the likely originating point of the expression going from “bad to worse.” Let us take the Democratic Senate and Democratic Assembly’s “One-House Budgets” released this past week. Both houses took the largest State Budget in NYS history submitted by Governor Hochul and made it a lot bigger. The Governor supported in her budget an increase in Charter Schools, both one-house budgets eliminate the increase. As it pertains to disastrous bail reform, the Governor had moved to give judges limited ability to set bail, but the two Democratic Houses offer no changes from the current failed policy.

Much of the new spending is in the form of “tabletop” spending which contains funds that are allocated at the discretion of the Democrat-controlled legislature. Call them re-election pots if you like.

In one bright spot, the Legislative budgets did eliminate Hochul’s effort to bring local zoning under state control but many of her crazy ideas, such as phasing out gas stoves, remain.

Congratulations Chairman Cox

I look forward to working with Ed Cox the newly elected Chairman of the NYS Republican Party who during many years of prior service in the same role enjoyed a close relationship with our party.

Most recently the Party and I worked with Chairman Cox, John Faso, Allen Roth and others on a successful effort to overturn the extreme gerrymander of New York’s Congressional and State Senate Districts. This effort was ultimately credited with the creation of many fair and winnable Congressional seats. The end result, that with the votes on the Conservative Party line being key,we were able to secure eleven victories and the Majority in the U.S. House.

I have personally known Ed for many years and feel confident that we will, once again, enjoy many victories. Few know as much about politics, political history, and issues as Ed Cox. I would also like to thank Congressman Nick Langworthy, the outgoing chairman, who was a superb partner in State politics and now an excellent Member of Congress.
Read my release on Ed Cox here.

J. Daniel Mahoney Award Reception

We will be presenting our J. Daniel Mahoney Awards to Monroe County Chairman Don Mazzullo, and Greene County Chairman Mike Buttino at a cocktail reception at the Fort Orange Club in Albany on the evening of Monday, March 27th at 5:30pm. You can register for the event here. The award is named after the founder of the Party, J. Daniel Mahoney, who in 1962 had the vision to create a political organization that would move candidates and elected officials to the right on fiscal, social, national defense and international issues. Always a friend of law enforcement and an advocate for personal responsibility, protection of the 2nd Amendment, the rights of property owners and the unborn remain a major part of our focus.

I hope you can join us for what will be an enjoyable and informative event honoring two great

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On behalf of the State Conservative Party, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Irish immigrants have left a tremendous mark on our society. Today, their Irish American ancestors continue to be an integral part of our success here in New York and around the nation.