Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Omar’s Removal from Committee, Gov. Hochul’s Budget and CPNY releases its 2023 Legislative Program.

Omar Removed from Committee

Congressional Republicans are finally playing hardball and treating Democrats exactly how they were treated the previous 4 years. Except Republicans aren’t removing House Members from committees without just cause.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has time and time again spewed anti-Semitic hate and downplayed terrorist attacks, such as 9/11, far too many times to be taken seriously as a member of the influential Foreign Affairs Committee.

There are no fewer than three times where Rep. Omar participated in and led anti-Jewish sentiment, at one point even causing her own caucus to at one point introduce a resolution condemning her comments.

I am happy House leadership is holding members accountable for their bigotry. For far too long, the media has provided cover to Democrats acting as in-kind contributors as opposed to responsibly journalist. Leader McCarthy and his caucus have had enough, and I agree.

The Hochul Budget

If big government were the solution to society’s ills, New York State would be heaven on earth. Instead, under Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed budget, it will remain a tax and regulatory hellscape, continuing to fall behind other states in job and business development. When will New York’s Democratic leadership finally learn that economic growth comes from the private sector, not government spending?

From the Governor’s proposed MTA payroll tax, to tone deaf responses on crime and bail reform, one party rule in New York is proving to be more dangerous and costly than we could have ever expected.

Read my full release on the Hochul Budget here.

CPNY Legislative Program Released

The Conservative Party is building on one of its most fruitful years ever. In 2022, it played a key role in the successful litigation effort that forced fair, court-ordered redistricting lines across the state. With reasonable district lines established, the Conservative Party supported 11 winning congressional candidates from New York, four of whom won with margins provided by line “C.” Newsmax called the New York State Conservative Party “The Majority Makers” for its role in the Republican takeover of Congress.

Political parties have a duty to spell out in detail the ideas and legislative measures they support, and we are pleased to do so again in 2023. Unsurprisingly, we continue to call for fiscally sound, pro-economic-growth policies; respect for human life; strong public safety laws; religious and other constitutional freedoms; free-market solutions to healthcare and housing shortages; accountability in education, and government reforms, including the return of powers to the State Legislature, a co-equal branch of New York State government. We urge that members of all political affiliations review and consider these prescriptions for a better state.

Please see our comprehensive legislative program for 2023 here.

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