Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap discusses Judge Hector LaSalle, Congressional Committee Assignments, Mayor Adams and the migrant crisis, and the latest on our upcoming conference.

Judge Hector LaSalle

The Democratic controlled State Senate Judiciary Committee voted against Governor Hochul’s nomination for Chief Judge marking the first time in history that a Governors nominee has failed to be confirmed. This is a shocking and embarrassing defeat for Governor Hochul at the hands of her own Democratic colleagues in the senate.

Judge LaSalle, who was endorsed last year in the 10th Judicial District by the Conservative Party, is highly regarded for his fairness, intelligence, temperament and work ethic by colleagues, peers and lawyers alike. It is shameful that Judge LaSalle has not been afforded the right to go before the entirety of the New York State Senate for a confirmation vote of the full body. This does remain an open issue subject to litigation.

If it wasn’t clear already, Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal’s (the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee) comments left no room for misinterpretation when he suggested any judge that received the Conservative Party nomination will not be considered by his committee.

The left wing crazies on the committee led by Hoylman-Sigal ensured that LaSalle never got a fair chance.

Top legal scholars, experts on the legislature and State Constitution, all agree that the advice and consent role of the Judiciary Committee is to make a recommendation to the entire 63 member Senate body.

This is yet another shameful play by Democrats in the State Senate who this time voted against one of their own because he dare enforce the law and carry out his duties as a judge.

Read my full release here.

Congressional Committee Assignments

New York’s Conservative Party endorsed Members of Congress got more good news this week as committee assignments were finalized. Many members received positions on top committees while others were assigned committees that are both near and dear to them, and most importantly, near and dear to New Yorkers.

The influence of New York around the country is front and center with the appointment of the following committees:

Rep. Nick Lalota NY-01: Homeland Security, House Armed Service

Rep. Andrew Garbarino NY-02: Financial Services, Homeland Security

Rep. Anthony D’Esposito NY-04: Transportation and Infrastructure, Homeland Security

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis NY-11: Ways and Means

Rep. Michael Lawler NY-17: Financial Services, Foreign Affairs

Rep. Marcus Molinaro NY-19: Transportation and Infrastructure, Agriculture

Rep. Elise Stefanik: Chair of the House Majority Conference

Rep. Brandon Williams NY-22: Transportation and Infrastructure, Science and Technology

Rep. Nick Langworthy NY-23: House Oversight, Agriculture

Rep. Claudia Tenney NY-24: Ways and Means

*Note: Rep. George Santos NY-03 has been assigned to Small Business; Science & Technology. However, the State & Nassau County Conservative Party position remains that he should show respect for his constituents and office by resigning. Furthermore, we no longer consider him a part of our delegation.

Mayor Adams and the Migrant Crisis

Why is it so difficult for Mayor Adams to admit that New York City cannot dig itself out of the economic hole that its economic and social policies have dug? Why does he not see that the city is still suffering from the effects of COVID turning many of our business and shopping areas into deserts of empty office space and closed stores? Why does the Mayor think that spending 2 billion dollars annually to address the migrant crisis is okay with most New Yorkers?

Mayor Adams creates more questions than he has answers. And although I do agree that Biden’s border policies are the biggest part of the problem, New York City government’s progressive rhetoric was naturally going to work against the city’s ability to serve its actual citizens from the start.

New York City couldn’t handle 2 buses of migrants without going into a state of emergency. What do they think is happening to Texas and Arizona?

Conference Update

We look forward to seeing you at our annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference. Though not nearly the first conference, it will be considerably different than in years past as we continue to evolve with the times and political landscape. We look forward to both great speakers and immensely informative breakout sessions.

We are happy to feature Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito at Monday’s lunch, Gordon Chang on the dangers of TicTok and the growing China threat, John Mclaughlin on understanding polling, along with a panel of newly elected Congressmembers. We will also hold seminar presentations and processes with Brian Kolb on Public financing of elections, along with media training, petitions, party organizing, campaign interaction and raising money. Finally, Border security and parental rights with a closing reception honoring the super stars of last year’s legislature round out the conference.

This will, without a doubt, be our most successful conference yet!

To be a part of CPPAC, you can register here.

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