Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the 55th Annual CPPAC, the New Congress and Choosing a Chief Court of Appeals Judge.

Conservative Party Legislative Conference

In the 2022 gubernatorial election, Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, carrying the Conservative endorsement, won a higher share of the vote in each of New York’s 62 counties than President Donald Trump won in the 2020 presidential election. Additionally, the Conservative Party helped deliver the U.S. House of Representatives for the incoming GOP Majority and expanded the number of conservative allies in the State Legislature.

Now, we turn our focus to building on that success.

This winter, we are holding our 55th Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference (CPPAC). The conference is being held on Sunday, February 5 and Monday, February 6, 2023, at a new location: The Albany Hilton (40 Lodge Street, Albany, NY 12207 If you plan on staying at the hotel, you are responsible for making your own reservations. Special rate is good until January 20, 2023)

This year’s conference will have an emphasis on training conservative activists with the practical skills needed to make the conservative case in the public marketplace of ideas. It will offer training for conservative-minded individuals who want to win in 2023 and beyond. If you are looking to strengthen your local party and train your committee members (and we hope you are), we encourage you to get them to this year’s CPPAC.

We are anticipating the most successful conference perhaps in the history of the party. Join New York’s standard-bearer and Monday keynote lunch speaker Lee Zeldin and his 2022 running mate Alison Esposito. Other noted speakers include China relations expert Gordon Chang, former Assembly Republican leader and current Public Finance Commission member Brian Kolb, and numerous members from New York’s Congressional delegation and State Legislature.

For further details and registration visit here.

New York Delegation Arrives in Washington

 I had the privilege of attending many events in our nation’s Capital for both returning and new members of the House from New York ho were elected with Conservative Party support.

The complications of electing a Speaker aside, we have an exciting, dynamic group of Congressmembers from New York. They can be expected to be common sense legislators fighting to protect our borders, a strong national defense, fair and equitable tax policies, support for law enforcement and values-oriented legislation.

As is our habit, the State party stays closely in touch with the group concerning their own proposals as well as important votes that regularly emerge. I also hope as individuals who stay current on Washington and Albany matters, you will keep our members informed on how you feel.

Choosing a Chief Court of Appeals Judge

Regardless of your view concerning the confirmation of Judge Hector LaSalle as the Chief Judge of the NYS Court of Appeals, you should be concerned that many Democratic State Senators have expressed little to no interest in qualifications or even basic fairness.

They want as partisan a court as they can get, even a court that ignores longtime precedents. Albany Democrats will go as far as to change a committee make up in order to keep a full floor vote of

the NYS Senate from occurring on LaSalle’s nomination. They want to say we would do the same. That is not true and frankly annoys me greatly.

Yes, there is right and wrong even in politics—especially in politics. Pushing for the Chief Judge of New York to be a partisan hack is simply wrong and puts New Yorker’s and our visitors in danger.

The Democrats in the NYS Senate need to stop playing games.

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