Happy New Year

It was without a doubt a banner year for the New York State Conservative Party as together we delivered, and the party enjoyed one of its most successful years since our founding in 1962.

We entered 2022 with momentum stemming from our victories in 2021 defeating several ballot propositions that would have changed the way reapportionment, voting and even elections were conducted. This momentum carried us through a reapportionment litigation period in which the party played a key role in finding plaintiffs and developing arguments. Additionally, Conservative Party official, Ross Brady, served as a member of the NYS Reapportionment Commission where he provided a voice of reason within a sea of partisanship.

In 2022 we saw 11 Conservative Party endorsed candidates get elected or re-elected to Congress. From Long Island to NYC, the Mid-Hudson, Southern Tier, Central New York, The North Country and Western New York, we were victorious. We, in fact, were the actual margin of victory in four Congressional races. The New York delegation were truly the “Majority Makers.”  Many, including Newsmax, have said the House Majority would have indeed been in trouble if not for the Conservative Party.

Statewide, the Conservative Party played a pivotal role in ushering in the largest freshman Conservative/GOP class in the State Assembly in many years. The Kings County Conservative Party actually flipped three Assembly seats. Many other parts of the State including Long Island, Staten Island and Rockland County can lay claim to important Legislative turnovers.

Not to be outdone, Lee Zeldin had the best showing in terms of percentage, 47%, since 2002. In fact, Lee Zeldin’s statewide vote total of over 313,000, better than twice our enrollment, is one of the highest totals in the history of the party. In nearly 200 statewide elections since 1962, the 2022 vote total ranks within the top ten results.

With this result the Party comfortably held onto Row C.

Our party also enjoyed close to home victories as State Vice Chair Frank Tinari of Suffolk County and Joe Lorigo, son of Erie County Chairman Ralph Lorigo, were both elected to the State Supreme Court.

Finally, I am proud to announce, once again, that our enrollment year-over-year continues to grow around the state.

With all that said, it is clear that the party remains strong on a local, state and national level. The upcoming year will be about local elections, party building and our issue agenda that our Members of Congress and the State Legislature advocate for.

I wish you all a Safe and Happy New Year!