Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the proposed toll/fares hikes, Congressman Jefferies new position and our upcoming CPNYS Conference.

Tolls and Fares on The Rise

New York States three largest authorities: Thruway Authority, Port Authority and the MTA are all planning to raise tolls and fares in 2023. In the case of the MTA, they are looking at significant fare increases above the increases that were already scheduled.

It is no accident that these authorities operate outside of direct taxpayer control. Years ago, the Legislature and Governor designed their creation to insulate elected officials from criticism that would certainly result from the increases that have become as regular as he change of seasons.

It is also clear that the tolls and fares we all pay are the equivalent of a gigantic tax that disguises itself as revenue to cover necessary operation, but as a bottom line comes out of your pocket. Transparency is an alien word to these authorities and public hearings no more than a short detour from their objective to raise tolls and fees.

Inflation hits all of us in bad ways. These fare and toll increases will be blamed on inflation as an excuse to be even more egregious, though we know these increases will not go away even when inflation comes under control. When our local and state government make a mistake, their fix is to always throw your money at it.

Jeffries Elected New Democratic House Leader

 The senior Democratic House leadership might have moved from the West Coast to the East Coast, but do not expect any difference in political stewardship. As San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi leaves the stage and Brooklyn’s Hakeem Jeffries ascends to Minority Leader, expect many of the same failed Democratic ideas to emerge from their conference.  The main difference will be that, as the Minority Party, the likelihood that we will see a repeat of the gigantic spending and tax increases of the past two years repeat themselves is zero.

Terrible public safety policies which Pelosi put on the floor for a vote, which Congressman Jeffries supports, will not see the light of day. And environmental advocacy which focuses more on unrealistic goals than job retention and creation will find itself relegated to academic discussions.

I respect all those who enter the arena of public service. Hakeem Jeffries has worked hard and honorably to become the Democratic Leader. In fact, the national center of Democratic legislative power is in Brooklyn with both Schumer and Jeffries residing in the borough.

Having said that, we should all be especially thankful that Hakeem Jeffries is leading the Minority Party which should deter him from being an extension of the tax and spend Pelosi era.

Save The Date

 Our annual Conservative Political Action Conference will be on a new date and at a new location. We think you will like the change.

The venue will be the Albany Hilton directly across the street from the NYS Capitol in downtown Albany. The dates are Sunday, February 5th through Monday, February 6th. There will even be some official activities on Saturday night for those who arrive early.

A lot is coming together right now, but expect more on how to organize, run political organizations, advocate, get candidates on the ballot and run campaigns. Of course, we will be having a Sunday night reception, Monday lunch, and Monday evening Legislative Reception along with a dinner where we thank our 100% legislatively rated representatives. We will also release our 2023 platform.

Expect to see both new and returning Congressmembers, as well as our State Legislative leaders.

Speakers will present on both national and state issues, and we are looking at breakout sessions and a more interactive event in general.

We just concluded one of the most successful election cycles in Conservative Party history with many victories and a record-breaking number of votes. This will be a great way to start the new year. More details to be released in the coming weeks.

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