New York’s future is in your hands; will you vote to Save Our State?

Lee Zeldin can win NY’s governor race — you just need to turn up and vote.  He needs one thing and one thing only: You

Krazy Kat denies crime’s a problem — but Hillary Clinton lets the truth slip “It was one of those late-campaign events where the hype is thick, where the rhetoric is hyperbolic and where the facts don’t really matter. How very odd, then, that Hillary let the truth peek through.”

Zeldin doesn’t let hecklers get in way of anti-crime remarks at site of NYC rape. During a news conference near the scene of the Thursday morning rape of a tourist jogging in Hudson River Park, Zeldin said, “It is important that we are doing everything in our power to make our streets and our subway safe.”

Hochul and Albany would rather keep jails empty than have innocent victims live. “Hochul tries to blame “the system,” whatever that means. But in reality, she is “the system.” She is the governor of New York state and the leader of the New York state Democratic Party, which single-handedly passed these laws. She was the lieutenant governor when these laws were passed and signed.”

Hochul appeals for women’s votes on the heels of a horrific Midtown rape.  ““From the very beginning, we have asked for changes to the bail-reform law,” NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell told The Post this week. Instead, Hochul fought the Legislature to fund subsidies for the Buffalo Bills’ billionaire owner, and her own slush funds.”

Where Lee Zeldin is targeting in NYC to pull off stunning upset against Kathy Hochul in gov race.

Tiny turnout for Hochul NYC campaign event in stark contrast to Zeldin throng

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle confronts Gov. Hochul on NY crime: ‘We don’t feel safe’. “Crime in New York City has spiked across the board since Hochul became governor last year, and critics say the surge is fueled by repeat offenders sprung time and again because of the state’s 2019 bail reform law.”  I’m pretty certain, Gov.Hochul  never expected this from Stephanie Ruhle

Hochul’s running on fumes in her desperate final hours.  “Her campaign is about nothing. If Zeldin wins, he has a clear mandate on crime and the economy. If Hochul wins, we guess that’s a license to . . . keep up the pay-to-play?”

Rest assured there will be more neighborhoods like this one if Gov. Hochul wins:  Gov. Hochul’s funding, progressive drug policies transform East Harlem into Zombieland

Michael Goodwin writes: New York Red Wave is coming ashore.  “To this day, she continues to flirt with the ridiculous idea that crime isn’t as bad as Zeldin says, which is tantamount to telling people that what they see isn’t true and their fears are groundless…Her mishandling of Public Enemy No. 1 raises two other features of her performance. She doesn’t appear to have a great passion for the job, nor does she display evidence of any special competence.”

NYC becomes battleground as Hochul works to toughen Blue Wall: ‘It’s all turnout’

Your wallet is telling you how to vote on Nov. 8  NY Post editorial

Need a solid reason to fire Attorney General Tish James:  Here it is: New Yorkers deserve more clarity on donor leak

John McLaughlin was on The Cats Roundtable with John Catsimatidis yesterday; you can listen to it here.

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How is it that the current Department of Justice gets away with being so blatantly partisan?  Missouri SOS Highlights Questionable Email Sent to Election Official by Biden DOJ; Illegal Abortion Protests Outside Justices’ Homes Continue While DOJ Stays Mum  (It is a rhetorical question)

Remember:  Early to bed; early to rise, makes men and women, healthy, wealthy and wise enough to vote on the Conservative Line (Row C)!