Hochul’s last ditch effort acknowledges crime got worse on her watch…just days ago she blamed “master manipulators” and “data” deniers” for creating the “conspiracy” of rising crime.

Buck stops … there: Gov. Hochul points finger at ‘system, judges’ after slain Keaira Bennefield’s mom blames her The Democrat deflected blame from herself and instead pointed the finger at “the system” and “judges and “prosecutors” after Keaira was executed less than 24 hours after her estranged husband was sprung from jail on no bail over a caught-on-camera beatdown.

Hochul freeing cop-killers is maybe the worst way she’s pro-crime

Kathy Hochul stalls release of ‘tax-and-spend’ budget report before election

NYPD Commissioner Sewell calls on Hochul to roll back bail reform as Adams bites tongue

Kathy Hochul’s running a campaign wreck

‘Conspiracy’ Kathy Hochul finally admits crime got worse on her watch…” I’ve been working on this throughout my entire time as governor.”  Did you call back the legislature when Mayor Adams asked for change in cashless bail back in FEBRUARYIn April?  In July when Adams called for a Special Session?  Now, that you are seeing that people are fed up with your lack of leadership, you acknowledge there is a crime issue. You ignored the obvious and blamed others, and now the voters will have their say!

This is called “On No! We have to defend in my (Hochul’s) home county:  Dems send big dollars to 3 Assembly incumbents in Erie County; GOP targets Burke for upset

Businesses with big NY interests throw cash at Kathy Hochul in final days of tight NY gov race

Then there are businesses who donate for all the right reasons! It’s no secret why crime-besieged Latino grocers are flocking to Lee Zeldin for gov. Shoplifting in the city is up a whopping 65% this year, through July 31, on top of a 36% spike last year over 2020. Thanks to the bail laws Hochul claims are working wonderfully, serial criminals — like Harold Gooding, who’s been arrested and released more than 100 times — are free to prey on the innocent with virtual impunity.

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I really would like to know who posted the Tweet and why are they working in the White House? Anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge about Social Security knows that the COLA is calculated by the rise of inflation. So, why would anyone tout the large COLA (which jeopardizes the health of Social Security) as something positive? White House Deletes Tweet About Social Security After Getting Fact-Checked

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